“Baby Daddy” S5 E17 Recap: The Love Seat

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On this episode of “Baby Daddy,” Ben finds a reclining chair on the street that causes a big stir. He decides to bring it up to the apartment with the help of Danny and Tucker. When they find that the chair doesn’t even fit through the door, Ben decides to leave in the hallway and treat it like his own personal oasis.

Sam bumps into Ben on her way to see Riley. She gives Ben her official two week notice. She thinks it’s best if they no longer work together. Ben apologizes again for everything that happened between them. Meanwhile, Tucker is preparing to cover a big entertainment story for the station. He’s covering a toddler beauty pageant. Tucker decides to trick Bonnie into entering Emma into the pageant so that she can help him reveal the dark side of child pageants. The plan works and Bonnie volunteers to enter Emma.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless) KAYLEIGH AND SURA HARRIS

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

The following day, Ben finds an anonymous note on his chair from someone who is interested in him. The note asks him to meet at cafe Georgia at 7pm. He has no idea who it could be but he hopes it’s Sam. Danny finds the note to be very romantic so he decides to leave one for Riley. Little does he know, Riley never actually sees the note. That night, Bonnie gets kicked out of the pageant for  attempting to bribe the judges. Tucker then turns to Riley for help and asks her to pretend to be Emma’s mom and enter her in the pageant. Riley agrees to go under cover to help expose the ugly truth about child pageants. While Ben waits for his secret admirer at Cafe Georgia, he bumps into Julia. He thinks the note is from her so he invites her to go back to his place. Sam shows up after they leave and isn’t happy when she finds out Ben left with someone else. The note was from her and she figured that if it was meant to be, it would have worked out. As Ben and Julia are making out, he finds out that she isn’t the one who left the note.


(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

The next day, Danny finds a note on the chair that he thinks is from Riley. The note apologizes for last night and asks for a second chance. It’s actually a note from Ben to Sam. Danny freaks out and runs up to Riley and gives her  huge kiss. He confesses that he misses her and that he thought the note was from her. A confused Riley pushes Danny off of her and points out that the writing looks like Ben’s. Later, Sam tells Ben that the note was from her and he feels like a complete moron. At the pageant, things get ugly when Riley and Bonnie fight over Emma. Riley gets carried away and Tucker gets the whole thing on camera and makes Riley the face of his story.

At the end of the episode, Ben tries to win Sam back by humiliating himself. He dresses up as a cheerleader and does a routine at the bar to show her that he cares. She tells Ben that if he was willing to do that for her then he must really care. At last the two kiss and we can  finally rest easy! Sam and Ben shippers rejoice! That’s not all! Riley is humiliated watching herself on Tucker’s special and realizes that she’s too competitive in life. Even when it came to Danny, she was trying to win an argument that no one could win. She runs up to Danny and apologizes for everything! OH HAPPY DAY! Danny and Riley kiss and now we can all live happily ever after! The two make up and realize that all they want is each other. Finally!

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