“Baby Daddy” S5 E18 Recap: She Said, Ben Said

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Ben and Sam have differing opinions about what their first official date should be like, on this week’s “Baby Daddy.” Sam leaves the planning up to Ben but suggests that they should do something special. Both are excited for the date but their idea of what’s special differs quite a bit. Riley and Danny are excited for Ben and Sam but when Riley suggests getting involved and giving them advice, Danny makes her promise to stay out of it and mind her own business. Meanwhile, Tucker begins dating a new girl that he really likes. The only issue is that she works for his dad and Tucker isn’t sure his dad will approve. Bonnie tells Tucker that his dad is coming to town because he wants to have dinner with her. Tucker takes the opportunity and asks Bonnie to put in a good word about him and Renae.

Later, Ben is preparing for his “special” night with Sam. His idea of special is staying in and sleeping together. Sam on the other hand, expects a romantic dinner and something more planned out. The date did not go well and Ben doesn’t fully understand why. He and Sam confide in Danny and Riley and end up getting conflicting advice about the situation. Danny and Riley weren’t supposed to get involved but they just don’t think Ben and Sam can figure things out on their own. The conflicting advice causes even more confusion between them and tensions rise. After a lot of bickering, Sam and Ben work things out without Danny and Riley’s help.

Bonnie thinks Tucker’s dad wants to have dinner with her because he isn’t over her. Turns out he just wanted Bonnie’s advice about dating someone younger. He tells her that he’s in love with a younger woman he works with, named Renae. Bonnie freaks out because Renae is the name of the woman Tucker is seeing. She rushes over and immediately tells Tucker. Tucker decides to talk to his dad only to find out that his dad plans to propose to Renae. Tucker comes up with a plan to show his dad how ridiculous his relationship with  a younger woman is. Tucker’s plan is to pretend to date Bonnie and get caught by his dad.  Bonnie and Tucker make out on the couch until Tucker’s dad sees them. He ends up being supportive of Tucker and Bonnie’s relationship and says he can’t judge them. The truth comes out when Renae walks in the room. Turns out Tucker’s dad is in love with a different Renae and Bonnie misinterpreted the whole thing.

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