“Baby Daddy” S5 E20 Recap: My Fair Emma

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The season finale of “Baby Daddy” was everything I hoped it would and more! Danny got offered a job in Vancouver, Tucker was offered his dream job in Los Angeles, and Riley got on the short list for becoming a partner at her firm. Ben is having a hard time getting over Sam and decides he’s going to let his love life take a back seat for a while. Emma is going to be his main focus and be the only girl in his life. Oh and I almost forgot that Brad comes home!

(Freeform/Michael Ansell)

(Freeform/Michael Ansell)

Danny is having a difficult time deciding how to tell Riley about his job offer but Tucker convinces him to open up. After Riley tells him the news about her career, he tells her that he’ll turn  down the job so they don’t have to move. He gets upset and hurt when Riley just accepts his sacrifice and doesn’t even try to talk it through with him. Riley had some more big news to share but after noticing how upset Danny is, she decides to wait and prove just how much she loves him. She makes countless efforts to plan out grand gestures but they all go horribly wrong.

Ben signs the bar up to be a sponsor for a street fair that weekend but panics when we realizes he forgot about Emma’s birthday. He has the bright idea to combine Emma’s birthday with the street fair and hope she won’t notice. Also, throughout the episode Ben coincidentally keeps bumping into the same girl. He thinks its the universe’s way of telling him that she’s “the one.”

Bonnie is ecstatic that Brad is coming home but she’s shocked when she sees him in person. Brad has a new hippie look that Bonnie just can’t stand. She spends days trying to convince him that it’s ridiculous without flat out telling him and hurting his feelings. None of her attempts work so she finally blows up and tells him exactly how she feels.

(Freeform/Michael Ansell)

(Freeform/Michael Ansell)

At the street fair, everyone is a little distracted with their current predicaments and no one is really helping Ben with Emma’s birthday. Emma keeps asking for a pony ride but Ben can’t leave their booth unattended. Bonnie is upset because she thinks her marriage is falling apart and Danny is upset that Riley still hasn’t apologized to him. Just as he’s about to storm off and go home, Riley shows up dressed as a heart-shaped pinata. She tells Danny how much he means to her and how much she loves him and the two make up. She tells him that she will go to Vancouver or anywhere with him as long as they are together. Ben finally decides to take Emma for that pony ride but when he turns around she’s gone. The group hears Emma crying from a distance and they know she’s hurt. They rush her to the hospital and everyone feels guilty for not paying enough attention to her. Finally the family is all together and they decide to have a little party for Emma in the hospital. At that very second, Brad storms in and he’s dressed in his old clothes. He and Bonnie make up and all is well! Riley says she has a gift for Danny and gets down on one knee. She pulls out a ring box and hands it to Danny. Just as he opens it, she explains that the test was wrong and she’s pregnant. Inside the box is a pacifier! Are you crying yet?! Danny and Riley kiss and everyone is overjoyed! They all decide to give up their plans and stay close to Ben to help with Emma but Ben insists that him and Emma will be okay on their own. That’s where the season ends. It was so beautiful! I’m crying!

Thank you so much for watching this season with me! xoxo

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