Baby RumpBelle is born on this week’s OUAT! 

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(ABC/Jack Rowand)

(ABC/Jack Rowand)


Nothing says love like a stolen baby.  Back in Fairytale land with Rumple as Beast and Belle as his servant, he brings back a baby to his castle.  He tells Belle not to try to save the baby, but of course she tries and in the process helps Rumple on his quest to meet the Black Fairy.  Plus, she manages to get herself trapped in a tower.  Thankfully, Blue saves the day.  She lets Belle escape to save the baby and tells Belle that the Black Fairy once used to help children but now she only steals them.  Belle runs off to the woods, where Rumple has confronted the Black Fairy.

Rumple traps the Black Fairy with squid ink (I feel like all heroes need to start just carrying that around).  He interrogates the Black Fairy asking why does she steal children but gets rid of her own?  Rumple then reveals he is the son of the Black Fairy.  But she seems to care less, because as Belle saves the child, the Black Fairy flies off, telling Rumple “I chose power over love.”  Belle tries to comfort Rumple by being sympathetic to his pain, but he laments “no one knows anything about my pain.”

He allows Belle to return the baby to its parents as he looks on longingly.  This whole discovery leads me to believe that Evil has always been within Rumple.  It’s not just The Dark One that contains it, he was born with it.  Between Evil Dad Peter Pan and the Terrible Black Fairy Mother, he doesn’t have good genetics.


Back in present day Storybrooke, Rumple ages a fairy, proving that he means business when it comes to Belle and the baby.  He intends to speed up Belle’s pregnancy to use the shears against their son.  Belle, Hook and Emma attempt to trick him, but their stale squid ink capture doesn’t work as well as they hope and Rumple confronts Belle.

But the lovable Beast within can’t seem to harm Belle in order to get what he wants.  He tells Belle he just wants his son to love him since no one else seems to.  Belle (once again) pleads for Rumple to at least try to be good and maybe they can have a future.  But the Dark One decides to just leave her.

So, what’s a pregnant wife of the Dark One to do?  Why meet up for tea at Grannie’s with Hook and Emma of course!  But the tea isn’t all it seems as it causes Belle to go into labor!  That is some strong tea!  Probably caffeinated!  Anyways, to protect the birth from Rumple, Emma and Hook take her to the Fairy house, where she asks Blue to be her son’s Fairy Godmother and take him away from Storybrooke until this whole mess with Rumple ends.  Blue agrees and takes the baby in the knick-of-time.  Rumple gets into the home in just enough time to see Blue disappear with his son.

“What’s his name?” Rumple asks Belle.  She refuses to tell him and says he can never find him.  Rumple thinks otherwise and vows that one day he will be reunited with his son.  Rumple goes back to his shop, where the Evil Queen gloats, admits she poisoned the tea and tells him he never should’ve used her to try to kill Zelena.  Rumple calls her a pawn in his game and when she leaves, he throws the ultimate hissy-fit and destroys half of his store.  I hope he has good insurance.


The Evil Queen has a bit of a soft spot for Rumple so earlier in the episode she confronts Zelena.  “Gold sent me,” she tells her wicked sister.  Knowing full well what this means, Zelena and the Evil Queen are about to fight to the death.  Zelena can’t believe her sister fell for Rumple and explains he’s only using her.  The Evil Queen needs his help in her revenge against Snow.  As she is about kill Zelena, there’s a sudden pain in her heart…

She turns around to see Regina holding her own heart and squeezing it.  Regina explains she can hurt the Evil Queen but hurting herself (something she learned when Jekyll and Hyde died).  The Evil Queen is in disbelief that Regina would kill herself over Zelena, but Regina explains that’s what heroes do.  The Evil Queen vanishes and Zelena is impressed by her sister’s love.  She thinks this means they’re back to being sisters, but Regina doesn’t share this revelation.  Regina still hasn’t forgiven Zelena for everything with Robin so she leaves her sister alone.


While David is in nap time, Snow chats with Jasmine at Granny’s Diner.  Jasmine confides in Snow that Aladdin found a genie lamp and she’s tempted to use it to save Agrahbah.  When all the heroes meet to check the lamp, the genie has been freed (RIP Robin, you will be missed!).  But there is a way to get a new Genie…Aladdin entraps himself in the lamp by putting on the cuffs that make him a genie.


No wonder Emma always looks so disheveled this whole season, she keeps having this visions that really seem to put her right in the moment she dies.  Her visions start up again when her and Hook go to Gold’s shop.  When they go back later, after the RumpBelle Baby birth, she figures out the reason they started up again was because the sword that will kill her is in the shop.  Courtesy of Rumple’s hissy fit, Hook and Belle are able to find the sword easily and vow to find out who the owner of the sword is.

Let me know in the comments and via Twitter (@kristincarole13) what you thought of this week’s episode!  Will Mr. Gold find baby RumpBelle?  Will Emma find the owner of the death sword?  Until next time Oncers!


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