“Bachelor In Paradise” Week 2 Night 1: Sorry Dean Fans

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This season of “Bachelor In Paradise” is like nothing I’ve seen before! The men are more interested in goofing off and forming bromances than actually finding love. Was it the pause in filming that caused everyone to lose their minds? Keep reading to find out what I’m talking about.

Raven’s Roses

If BIP was a high school, Raven would be voted “most popular.” She’s is definitely spoiled with options, but I’m not mad about it. The girls are all annoyed because even though they have the roses this week and the guys should be kissing their feet, the guys are paying more attention to each other! What is happening here? The girls are basically begging for more options, so it’s no surprise that every one’s radars turn on when Adam shows up. Yes, Adam is the doll guy and the level of excitement coming from the girls should show you how desperate they are. Adam gets the low down from the guys and basically says he’s interested in either Raven or Kristina. Ben and Robby have already made it clear that they are depending on Raven for their roses. This is definitely going to decrease their odds. Apparently when things took a pause in paradise, Raven and Adam hung out in Dallas. She says she’s interested in him and he clearly is too. He ends us asking her on his date and she says yes. Ben and Robby better look for alternative ways to get a rose if things go well on this date.

Survival Mode

With the rose ceremony that we’ve all been waiting for finally approaching, tensions are high and the guys are finally waking up! Adam and Raven’s date went well. They were definitely connecting which now has her stuck between Ben and Adam. Four men will have to go home tonight and I feel the guys have just realized that. In a first attempt to save his butt, Robby approaches Amanda. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Ken and Barbie are finally mingling! They both seem interested in each other until Robby goes in for a kiss and Amanda gives him the cheek and calls him sweaty… yikes! Matt secures his rose with Jasmine but it seems to me like their relationship is one sided. His heart just doesn’t look as invested as hers. Amanda finally tells Alex he isn’t getting her rose, so he starts hustling! He talks to every girl, even ones he has no chance with. Diggy and Iggy try to win over Lacey’s rose but I think Diggy wins that battle because he and Lacey kiss.
“Right now we’re in survival mode.” – Alex

F Boy Dean

Sorry Dean fans but every one’s favorite cutie pie has turned into a major F*&% boy! Let me break it down for you. He and Kristina hit it off from the first day in paradise. They really seemed to like each other and when shooting took a pause, he flew back home with her and they spent a lot of time together. Since returning to the show, Dean has been confusing the hell out of Kristina and every one else for that matter. He basically is just over it. She approaches him to talk about where they stand so she knows what to do at the rose ceremony. He says he feels like they should slow things down but he still wants to stay in paradise and spend time with her. UHM WHAT?! She says she prefers to give her rose to someone who wants to get to know her on a more serious level. Basically Dean is the kind of guy you convince your friends to stay away from! He wants to string Kristina along as insurance that he’ll stay on the show. Sorry Kristina, you’re nothing but a side chick…

Overdue Rose Ceremony

At the rose ceremony, Raven ends up giving her rose to Adam. Lucky for Ben, he gets saved by Danielle. Kristina ends up giving her rose to Dean…ugh. Amanda gives her rose to Robby. Vinny, Alex, Nick, and Iggy go home. Other than Kristina giving Dean her rose, the results of this rose ceremony weren’t too shocking.

Mean Dean

Danielle L shows up to paradise and no one is safe! All eyes are on her and it’s like the guys have just seen a girl for the first time. Right away she expresses interest in Dean. She ends up asking Dean on her date and he says yes. Kristina is livid! Dean decides to pull Kristina aside to talk because he knows she’s upset. He tells Kristina he’s excited to come back from his date and hangout with her and that he told Danielle about them. Kristina feels reassured and at ease. He is completely playing her and she’s buying it! He and Danielle end up having a really good date and kissing. When they return from their date, Dean goes to talk to Kristina. He tells her he had a good time and all him and Danielle did was share a “peck.” Well, that was a lie. Kristina is happy he took the time to come talk to her. She even tells him she missed his face all day and then goes on to ask if Danielle is a better kisser than her! I’m soo embarrassed for her and at the same time, I hate Dean. Later that night, Kristina is feeling good about where her and Dean stand and she actually seems happy again! The whole cast is sitting around the fire enjoying themselves and Kristina and Dean are cuddling. All of a sudden, Dean interrupts the party to bring out a special “half birthday” cake for Danielle…wtf! Kristina storms off in tears.

Tune in Tuesday night at 8/7c on ABC for part 2!

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