“Bachelor In Paradise” Week 2 Night 2: Tension In Paradise

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Tension and jealousy are the words I’d use to describe this week’s episode of “Bachelor In Paradise.” Just when everyone’s getting comfortable, two girls show up and cause some waves. Keep reading to find out what happened.

Trouble For Miss Popular

Sarah joins paradise and immediately Raven looks concerned. Raven clarifies that when she spent time with Adam during the break, Sarah was also there. Apparently she and Sarah spent the night with Adam but she woke up to find Sarah and Adam cuddling. All the girls try and push Sarah towards Ben but she’s just annoyed that they’re trying so hard to sell him. She ends up talking to him but all he talks about is his dog and she wasn’t feeling it. Ultimately, she was hoping for more fireworks. Sarah says she’s interested in Adam and Raven gives her a phony blessing to ask Adam on her date. When she does ask him, Raven is extremely annoyed. Adam seems to like Sarah (other than the fact that he mistakenly called her Rachel during an interview… awkward). Sarah straight out tells him shes very attracted to him and that they have chemistry. They share a few pretty intimate smooches. I think miss popularity is in trouble.
“Sarah has something Raven doesn’t right now.” – Adam

Lonely Lacey

Poor Lacey, she’s having a hard time. She’s never had a one-on-one date ever and she’s not really forming lasting connections with anyone in paradise. I was happy for her when she got the date card this week. Raven’s a bit harsh and says she’s not sure if anyone will want to go on a date with Lacey. There was some truth behind what Raven said though. Lacey’s first options were Ben and Matt but after they told her they just wanted to be friends, she moved on to Diggy who promised he had romantic feelings for her. They went on a nice date with the homeboy Jorge. Diggy and Lacey both like where things are headed and they seem to be hitting it off.
“This Tour-ge is lit!” – Lacey

One True Ship

My favorite couple in paradise is def Danielle and Wells and they aren’t even a couple. There is this “we’re close friends that secretly belong together” vibe that I just can’t get enough of. They even made a pact to get engaged in five years if they’re still single, which is totally adorable! Both of them are starting to crush on each other but Danielle knows Wells isn’t up for grabs and Wells feels like Danielle is out of his league. Danielle doesn’t feel connections with anyone in paradise so she decides to leave and help kids in Africa. When Danielle’s leaving, Wells walks her out and leaves her with a kiss to remember. It’s so romantic I can’t even take it!

Lonely Lacey Part 2

Lacey and Diggy return from their date feeling good. Lacey is feeling on top of the world until some fresh meat walks in. Dominique walks in and we’ve never seen Diggy so excited! Dom and Diggy both have interest in each other. On top of that, apparently Taylor and Dom are besties and Taylor has taken it upon herself to push Diggy and Dom together. Lacey is having a panic attack and thinks that Taylor has some sort of vendetta against her. Dom ends up asking Diggy on her date and of course he says yes. He even tells her he doesn’t really feel anything with Lacey and he was just trying to show her a good time. Ouch… Taylor approaches Lacey to comfort her but it’s not genuine. Meanwhile, Dom and Diggy are completely hitting it off.

Tune in Monday night at 8/7c on ABC to see what happens!

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