“The Bachelor” Season Premiere Recap

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The season premiere of “The Bachelor” was full of plot twists and unexpected outcomes. Keep reading to find out what I’m talking about!

Let’s Talk About Arie

I will be the first to admit that I was pretty skeptical going into this season of “The Bachelor.” I also will say that I was pleasantly surprised! Based off the premiere I can confidently say that Arie might actually make a successful bachelor! I was caught off guard at first at the fact that they’d choose a guy that’s been off the show and off the radar for five years now. Now I feel like that is actually working in Arie’s favor! He’s coming into this with a “freshness” that we haven’t seen in a long time! Also, it’s great that most of the women and viewers don’t really remember much from his season.

Let’s Talk About The Women

We were introduced to 29 girls. I was worried that they’d cast women that were either too young for Arie or just not as ready to settle down as he is. My fears became a reality. Some women that stood out were Chelsea, a single mom with a bad attitude; Tia, a friend of Raven’s; Bekah, a very young nanny; Krystal, a stage four clinger with a homeless brother; and Annaliese, the kissing bandit. Usually after the premiere episode I am able to pick my favorite women and make a prediction on who will last. This premiere left me feeling clueless.

We See You Chelsea

After watching the audition tapes I was thinking that maybe Chelsea would make a good match for Arie. I mean we all know he has a thing for single moms and typically the moms are the most mature women on the season. That is not the case with Chelsea. As soon as she walks into the house she immediately begins judging and talking badly about everyone. It’s clear she is going to be the villain of this season which is so unexpected. We’re not used to having our moms as the villains! She stole Arie away first at the cocktail party and somehow by the end of the night managed to get the first impression rose. So now the women hate her because she’s the villain and she got the first impression rose. I almost feel bad for Arie. He seems so clueless and almost naive.

Keep Your Eye On This One

Although I said I can’t make predictions as to who will stick and who will go, I do know that we should all keep an eye on Bekah M. She pulled up to the mansion in a beautiful classic car and immediately got Arie’s engine revving. All we know about her is that she’s a nanny with a wild side and Arie is definitely into her. They even told each other that they were into one another and shared a kiss! Now, here is where it gets juicy. In the previews for the rest of the season they show the girls talking about how Arie doesn’t know how young Bekah is. It seems she is significantly younger than him and we don’t know just how young because it’s hidden on the ABC website! I guess we have to keep watching to find out how that all goes down! Yikes!

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