“The Bachelor” Week 2 Recap: Demolish-in Derby

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From the most envied date in bachelor history to the scariest group date, this week’s episode of “The Bachelor” wasn’t one to miss! Keep reading for the hilarious details!

Pretty Woman

Becca K. got the first one-on-one this week. She isn’t someone who stood out last week. Apparently she stood out to Arie though because he picked her for literally the best date ever in Bachelor history. Arie picked up Becca on a motorcycle and then took her to meet up with Rachel Zoe! Yes, The Rachel Zoe. On this “Pretty Woman-esque” date, she got to keep a bunch of Rachel Zoe designs and a pair of Louboutin heels! Later on, Arie gifted her with a necklace and earrings from Neil Lane! She seems like a sincere and genuine girl and Arie seems to really like her. She ends up with a rose by the end of the date which has me concerned for her life. Walking back into the lion’s den with a rose and all those gifts is dangerous.

Moving Too Fast

Moving on from the best date in Bachelor history to the worst… Arie picked Krystal for his second one-on-one and essentially took her on a hometown date. Yup, this date was complete with a tour of Scottsdale and his house, family home videos, and meeting the family! I’m not sure why the producers or Arie thought it was okay to do this, this early on?! After a day of meeting Arie’s family and realizing how close they are, Krystal opened up about not being close to her family. She was scared to tell him this but Arie reassures her and she gets a rose!

Demolish-in Derby

On this week’s group date the producers thought it’d be a good idea to take a bunch of frustrated women that have been locked up together for days and pit them against one another in a demolish-in derby! Annaliese breaks down because she had a traumatic experience with bumper cars as a child. After many tears and getting comforted by Arie, Annaliese ends up going hog wild and hitting everyone’s cars. Seinne was the last one standing though so she won the activity. Later on, we find out that Seinne graduated from Yale and has traveled all around the world which has us all wondering what she’s doing on this show. Arie was like, “I worked at Pizza Hut.” Chelsea finally told Arie about her son but she still ended up losing the group date rose to Seinne.


Going into the rose ceremony Krystal already has a rose but that doesn’t stop her from stealing Arie not once, but twice! The girls are all annoyed by Krystal’s actions, but no one more than Bibiana. Bibiana has had almost no time with Arie this week so she was livid when Krystal was the reason her time got cut short. When Krystal walks back in, Bibiana lets her have it and at the end of her amazing speech says, “mic drop” and walks away. That was probably the best moment of the entire episode. Arie ended up sending three girls home which did not include Bibiana. I’m excited to see this feud escalate!

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