“The Bachelorette” Season Premiere Recap

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Did you get a chance to catch Monday night’s season premiere of The Bachelorette? The first episode of the season is by far one of my favorites because you get to meet 31 attractive men, pick your favorites, and make your predictions. If you did get a chance to watch, you know Rachel has an abundance of hot guys to choose from. This can’t be an easy job!  Whether or not you tuned in to the premiere, here is my take on what went down Monday night at the bachelor mansion.

ABC/Paul Hebert)

ABC/Paul Hebert)

Meet The Bachelorette Rachel!

Rachel is one of the strongest and most confident bachelorettes we’ve had! She sort of reminds me of a less aggressive Andy. Rachel is a 32-year-old attorney from Dallas, Texas. Since she has such a prestigious career, I was hoping she’d have men with similar careers to choose from. I am happy to report that she does and it doesn’t hurt that they are all very good looking too!

After watching Rachel on night one, I became extremely excited for this season because she handles herself with a maturity and grace that I think every bachelorette needs. I also like the way she keeps it real. She knows what she wants and doesn’t want. She’s aware of her likes and dislikes and isn’t afraid to share them.

(ABC/Paul Hebert)

(ABC/Paul Hebert)

Meet The Men!

Before we even got to meet the men, Rachel had a mini reunion with some of the girls from Nick’s season. They gave her advice and basically told her how awesome she was.

Alexis (dolphin girl) told her not to rule out any men just because they show up in a goofy animal costume. That was surprisingly good advice because there was a guy that showed up dressed as a penguin.

Rachel’s men had their fair share of creative first impressions. Adam, a hot real estate agent, showed up with a dummy that totally creeped Rachel out. Then of course we had to have our token weird guy… Lucas. Lucas is the “whaboom” guy. If that sounds weird it’s because it is!

One guy in particular really stood out to Rachel; Bryan, our Latin chiropractor. Bryan greeted Rachel with some words in Spanish and a warning that he’s “trouble.” Something about him really intrigued her because he was the only guy she kissed on night one. They kissed twice actually… and both kisses were kind of extended into a make out. Get it girl! It’s no surprise that he got the first impression rose. I guess Bryan will be someone to look out for this season.

One guy that is already framing himself as the villain is Blake E. He really has a problem with the “whaboom” guy and he won’t stop talking about it. He kind of reminds me of Alex obsessing over Chad in JoJo’s season… oh boy.

(ABC/Paul Hebert)

(ABC/Paul Hebert)

My Top Picks:

  1. Peter – I just really like Peter! He seems genuine and like he’s here for the right reasons. He’s also very fun to look at! I think he also made a strong first impression on The Bachelorette.
  2. Bryan – This pick is for obvious reasons. Rachel clearly likes him and she isn’t afraid to say it. I do worry that he might be too good to be true. Could he be a player?
  3. Josiah – This may seem a bit random but I feel like he is a good match for Rachel. He’s serious about his career (which is similar to Rachel’s) and he has passion and drive like her. He was the first one to pull her aside to talk on night one and I felt like they had a genuine connection. I have a feeling he’ll go far.
  4. DeMario – He has a confidence that Rachel said she likes and I really feel that it will take him far this season.
  5. Alex – This is for purely selfish reasons. Alex is a hunk and I hope she keeps him around just for our viewing pleasure! 😉

Tune in Monday night at 8/7c on ABC to see who Rachel picks for her first date! Share your thoughts below, tweet us @PopHeartsTV and don’t forget to tune in to The Bachelorette After Hours with Pop Hearts TV, live every Tuesday at 7:30pm PT/ 10:30pm ET on Facebook.com/Popheartstv.

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