“The Bachelorette” Week 4 Recap: Man Drama

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I was crushed that there as no episode of “The Bachelorette” to get me through last week. This week’s episode totally made up for it though! Keep reading to find out what happened!


Rose Dud

Last week we left off with Lee and Eric going at it. This week we really got to see that conflict hash out! I honestly believe that Lee is a parasite who’s trying to get a rise out of the other men. It’s not just Eric. While Kenny was talking to Rachel, Lee interrupted him twice and would not back off. Kenny ended up calling Lee a snake to his face. Among all the drama, Rachel is able to find solace in Bryan. She flat out tells him that he’s so charming, it scares her. Unfortunately, Bryan’s charm wasn’t enough to save the night because Rachel admitted to feeling a little disappointed in the men after that cocktail party. These men need to shape up and remember why they’re here!

“I just think Lee is kind of a B#$%&.” – Dean


Spelling Bee

This week Rachel took the men to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Dean got the one-on-one, but the real action was on the group date. Rachel warmed up the men by taking them on a boat. The guys take turns trying to impress her and we end up seeing both Kenny and Peter rap. The next half of their date was a little less relaxed. Rachel told the men they’d be competing in a spelling bee. If I’m being totally honest, the men really sucked. I was slightly embarrassed for them. Peter couldn’t spell coitus and ended up getting eliminated, which was truly heart-breaking. Josiah won “The Bee” and earned himself a big trophy and bragging rights.

Drama Kings

Peter was the real winner though. At the cocktail party portion of the date, he and Rachel had a really strong conversation. They talked about moving to each other’s states and she told Peter she’s licensed to practice in Wisconsin. The good vibes didn’t last for long though. Iggy took advantage of his alone time with Rachel by telling her he questions Josiah’s intentions. I think Iggy is an instigator.

“Iggy is like the gossip queen.” – Eric

Rachel confronts both Lee and Kenny about their beef with each other. Kenny is really peeved that this conflict is effecting his relationship with Rachel so he decides to angrily confront Lee.Things get really heated and that’s when the episode ends. The good news is, next week will have an episode on Monday and Tuesday night!

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