“The Bachelorette” Week 5 Part 1 Recap: X Factor

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Aside from the endless Kenny and Lee drama, there was a lot that went down on this week’s two episode special of “The Bachelorette!” Rachel was not afraid to keep things 100 and risk everything for love. Keep reading to find out what went down.

X Factor

This week’s first one-on-one date went to Jack. Jack seems great for Rachel! He’s a 32 year old attorney from Dallas, Texas. Should we just cancel the show and have a wedding now? Maybee not. Rachel and Jack’s date didn’t go down as expected. Rachel and Jack are a great match on paper but there was a serious lack of chemistry. It was clear that he was into her but she just wasn’t feeling the same. Rachel even backed up when Jack was kissing her! It was slightly painful to watch. She admitted to just not having romantic feelings for him. During the dinner portion of their date she tries to explain to him that it just isn’t going to work out and at first he just didn’t get it. When it finally clicked, Rachel told him that he has a lot of what she looks for in a man but it’s just that “x factor” that’s missing. Poor Jack. Our girl Rachel did the right thing though. Jack has this creepy way of staring at her and it just wasn’t going to work out. On to the next guy.

Norway Jose

Rachel decided to cancel the cocktail party this week and just go directly into the rose ceremony. Iggy and the “tickle monster” were sent home. Of course Jonathan couldn’t leave without tickling her one last time. After the rose ceremony, Rachel announced that she and the men would be heading to Oslo, Norway! When they arrived in Oslo, Rachel did not waste any time. She picked Bryan for her first one-on-one date.

Falling Towards Love

Bryan and Rachel have amazing chemistry. They spent the day propelling 187 feet down a building. Even though they were facing a potentially life threatening situation, the two could not stop kissing and flirting. Rachel is really into Bryan but it still scares her because she fears it may be too good to be true. At dinner, Bryan told Rachel he’s falling in love with her and she said she believes him.

“When I see Bryan, I see forward.” – Rachel

Another One

On this week’s group date, Rachel took the men to play handball. Apparently handball is a traditional Norwegian sport. Of course she has them wear unnecessarily tight uniforms (we gotta thank her for that one). Rachel joins the men during a match and one guy in particular gets a little handsy. Peter picks her up and as Josiah says, “gets a handful of ass.” After a fun game, the group heads to the cocktail party. Rachel has a great conversation with Will and sees a new side to him. Josiah then takes his turn talking to Rachel and tells her he wants to grow old with her and that she’s the woman of his dreams. Rachel doesn’t seem to crazy about this idea. She admits to feeling that he’s disingenuous and maybe likes the idea of her more than actually getting to know her. She told Josiah that she feels like he doesn’t listen to her or try to get to know her. Thankfully after that awkward conversation with Josiah, we got to see Rachel move to a more positive conversation with our man Peter. Rachel says that Peter sees a side of her that no one else does. He just gets her. Peter and Rachel ended up having what looked like a little mini one-on-one in the hot tub. Rachel could not keep herself off of him!

Kenny Vs. Lee

It’s absolutely NO surprise that this seasons dreaded two-on-one date was given to Kenny and Lee. Lee’s goal of this date was to just completely troll Kenny and get inside his head. They took a helicopter ride to some random remote location (shocker) and both men took turns talking to Rachel. Rachel definitely put her law degree to use on this date because the men took turns giving her their sides of the story. Lee was trying to make Kenny look like an aggressive alcoholic and Kenny is trying to prove to Rachel that Lee is a snake.

To be continued…

Tune in tomorrow night at 8/7c on ABC to see what happens next!

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