“The Bachelorette” Week 5 Part 2 Recap: Viking Olympics

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This week we were lucky enough to have not one, but two episodes of “The Bachelorette!” The second part was even better than the first. After this week, things are starting to get serious because there aren’t many guys left! Keep reading to find out how it all went down.

Kenny Vs. Lee Continued…

Rachel said there is really no way of knowing which guy is telling her the truth and which one is lying. Basically is comes down to who she feels she can trust. Rachel feels that she trusts Kenny enough to send Lee home. Rachel told Lee that he’s going home and she told Kenny she needs more time with him before giving him the rose. You’d think being sent home would silence Lee but it definitely did not. Lee took one last opportunity to say bad things about Kenny. I’m so proud of Rachel for her intuition! She had Lee all figured out. She really is a good judge of character! Kenny and Rachel start to walk towards the helicopter to leave, when Kenny does the dumbest thing ever. He decides he isn’t finished with Lee and needs to go back and say a few words to him. Rachel was extremely annoyed and embarrassed. Now she’s worried that Kenny might have a short fuse but she wants to continue their date because she still has questions about their relationship and wants to get them answered. After Dinner, Rachel decides she trusts and likes Kenny enough to continue their relationship and see where things go. Kenny gets the rose.

Copenhagen, Denmark

At this week’s rose ceremony, Rachel sent Josiah and Anthony home. Josiah left on a sour note. He questioned Rachel’s judgment and acted like she was a fool for sending him home. Good riddance. Shortly after, Rachel announced that she and the men would now be traveling to Copenhagen, Denmark! Eric got the first one-on-one in Copenhagen. I think everyone watching was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this date. Eric had an abundance of energy going into this date. It was something we hadn’t seen from him before. Rachel told him that they’d be exploring the city together. The couple seemed to have an amazing time and they had a lot of chemistry which I honestly did not expect. Eric talked about his childhood and the fact that he didn’t receive a lot of love. He told Rachel he usually runs away from love but this time he’s really falling for Rachel. He gets the rose.

Viking Olympics

On this week’s group date, Rachel had the men become Vikings. They started in a Viking ship, then played some Viking games, then they had a Viking battle for Rachel’s heart. The men got really into character to the point where they actually hurt each other. Kenny and Adam were the fight finalists and they both made the other’s face bleed! Kenny ended up winning! At the group date cocktail party, Kenny and Rachel have a serious talk. He wants to know where they stand and if things have the potential to become more serious because he doesn’t like being away from his daughter. With hometowns coming up, things are becoming so much more real. He’s nervous to introduce someone to his daughter if it’s not a sure thing. Kenny and Rachel keep it real and together they decide that it would be best if Kenny went home. He heads home on a positive note and says that if his daughter grew up to be like Rachel, he’d be so proud.

Will He Stay or Will He Go?

Will got the next one-on-one this week. I was looking forward to this date because I always saw a lot of potential in Will. Rachel and Will took a boat ride to Sweden to explore the city. She felt that Will was fun and engaging but there was something missing. The physical aspect of their date was missing. Rachel felt like they were in the perfect setting for romance but Will was holding back. Later, at the dinner portion of their date, Rachel asks Will what he’s attracted to and he said he predominantly dates white women. Then when Rachel asked him how he is in relationships, he said he’s extremely passionate. This had Rachel stumped because she didn’t see passion from him all day. She can’t help feeling like maybe he’s just not that into her. Will didn’t end up getting the rose.

Moment of Silence

At this week’s rose ceremony, Rachel sent Alex home. Nooooooooo! Let’s all please have a moment of silence for our hot Russian. *silence*

In case you lost track, that was a total of 9 men down this week alone! That’s a lot of men. Things are staring to get real…

Tune in Monday night at 8/7c on ABC to see what happens!

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