Bella Thorne is ‘Perfection’ in Dark and Intense Lifetime Movie “Perfect High”

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Inspired by the rise of drug use in suburban teenagers, Lifetime‘s movie, “Perfect High” is a darker departure for star Bella Thorne (Amanda). The former Disney darling from “Shake it Up” fame, hits the dance floor again as a high school dancer who suffers a knee injury while performing. Dealing with the pain, she becomes addicted to prescription pain killers.

The prescription use escalates quickly to a full addiction, when she starts running in a new circle of friends who frequent “pharm parties.” When the pills run out, the teens move on to what they believed what crushed up prescriptions — which they later learn is heroin.

Spiraling out of control, Amanda is replaced on the one things she was trying to hold together, the dance team. In addition, her mom believes she has an eating disorder when she hears her throwing up. Her mom then unknowingly feeds the fuel, when she takes her to the doctor, who prescribes her anti-anxiety medication. And the drug use continues.

The teens desperation is clear when they begin lying, stealing and trying to do anything for money for the quick fix.

I don’t want to give too much away about the second half, but this is one movie you should watch on Lifetime. It’s a huge wake-up call to the thousands of teens struggling with addiction. Bella Thorne gives an incredible performance, along with her other cast mates, Israel Broussard, (The Bling Ring), Daniela Bobadilla, (Anger Management) and Ross Butler, (Teen Beach Movie 2).

Director: Vanessa Parise
Writer: Anne-Marie Hess
Producers: Tina Pehme, Kim Roberts
Executive Producers: Sheri Singer, Meyer Shwarzstein

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