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Be sure to grab some tissues—as April and the rest of the cast say goodbye to Leo in this week’s episode of “Chasing Life,” The Ghost in You. The episode started off with the explanation on what exactly happened to Leo and his passing stating it was a brain hemorrhage occurring in his sleep.

Leo’s funeral was nothing short of perfection, including everything he had wanted to have the most talked about funeral of all time; complete with a singing drag queen and a colored balloon release.
After the funeral, guests were invited over to the Carver’s house where April solemnly accepted people’s condolences before heading back up to her room to get away from the awkward apologies and tears. Throughout the episode, including this scene, Leo shows up in April’s mind to talk with her, keep her company and ease her mind off of the situation.

Dominic shows up at the Carver household to give his apologies April, but not long into the conversation April confronts him about showing up to the funeral and her house when he didn’t even get along with Leo in the first place. April then demanded him to leave the house.

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Natalie and Beth begin moving out April’s stuff from the home she and Leo shared together. Beth picked up April’s medical records to take to her so she would have them for her medical trial. When Beth took the papers to April, they discovered Beth had grabbed Leo’s papers as well, including a letter titled: To be opened after my death; with latitude and longitude coordinates leading to Long Wharf, along with the numbers 4-17-22.

Beth encourages April to pursue this letter and go to the coordinates and find out what is there. April doesn’t want to pursue because maybe he has a secret family, too, like her father—but soon agrees with Beth and decides to go to Long Wharf where they discover a boat dock with a life jacket chest locked needing a code to enter. April enters 4-17-22 and the chest opens, only for her to discover a letter inside stating how he was declared terminal and only had six to twelve months to live, so he decided to do a scavenger hunt for April.

Brenna helps Finn practice running for track this spring, where she told him that she had donated stem cells for an individual she never even met before.

April and Beth continue their scavenger hunt — and April admits to Beth that she talks to Leo, saying it helps her and that she can almost feel him with her. During the hunt, they discover they need help retrieving a letter pushed down into cement. Dominic comes to help with his tools, and once the letter is removed, it leads them to hospital room, and then to a rooftop, stating this is the last clue and will take her to the final letter. April decides not to finish the hunt because she doesn’t want to continue life without him, and this will make it real for her.

April goes to bed that night talking to Leo, stating to him that she can’t continue on like this because “he” is not the real Leo. The real Leo is the one that made the scavenger hunt for her, reminding her to live in the moment, and not dwell on the past. This encourages April to go to the final destination, the tree that overlooks Leo’s grave, to retrieve her letter, which gave her the courage to say goodbye to Leo and give her closure.

The episode ends with April meeting Beth and Dominic for breakfast, beginning her new life without Leo.
What do you guys think? Are you sad to see Leo go? Leave your comments below — and don’t forget to watch Chasing Life, Tuesday’s at 9/8c on ABC Family!


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