“Conviction” S1 E3 Recap: Dropping Bombs

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She’s our same Agent Carter *cough cough,* I mean, Hayes Morrison, we’ve come to know and love — one with her own ambitions and definitely her own playbook.

CONVICTION - "Dropping Bombs" - While the CIU team vociferously disagrees among themselves whether the "bad guys" also deserve justice, they work to exonerate a political activist with questionable views. He is serving a life sentence for planting a bomb at a mosque that killed a prominent Imam and three worshippers. The re-examination of the case calls into question the NYPD's role which puts Hayes in Wallace's crosshairs. After a rigorous analysis of the evidence, the stunning conclusion to the case leaves one member of the team strongly dissatisfied with the outcome. Meanwhile, just as Hayes and Wallace seem to be getting cozy, they discover that their worst nightmare has been realized, on "Conviction," MONDAY, OCTOBER 17 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/John Medland) HAYLEY ATWELL, SHAWN ASHMORE

(ABC/John Medland)


Our feisty, yet totally relatable, female lead is tired of Conner showboating her in front of the press as if she’s turned over a new leaf.

What better way to shock Conner, and all of New York, than by scrutinizing a case of a self-proclaimed bigot who was locked up for bombing a mosque on the 10th anniversary of 9/11?

Hayes is determined to prove that her team isn’t just another Innocence Project, but also looks at cases whose convictions should still stand the test of time. She’s seeking the truth no matter the consequences.

She learns quite quickly that the consequences are sure high with this case! If she’s able to undermine the conviction, not only does it puncture a whole in the nation’s most critical task force against terrorism, it will also bring about the release of a man still intent on committing mass murder. He claims the bomb that went off in the mosque wasn’t his. His best proof as to why? He says he wouldn’t have wasted his time killing only four Muslim men!

Plus, Conner isn’t the only man in the way of Hayes’ investigation. Both Sam and Frankie are against her methodology from the start. They’ll be hard pressed to willingly let this mad man back on New York’s streets. Though, they just may have to.


Despite Hayes’ utter disregard for Conner’s authority, she’s still the apple of his eye. And who wouldn’t be able to look away from her figure in those red and white body-conscious dresses! She’s gorgeous. She knows it, we know it, and boy, does Conner know it.

By the end of this episode, their innocent flirtations land themselves at his place, but not so fast! The fireworks aren’t just contained to the sparks between them…They’ve got a new scandal on their hands!

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