Married At First Sight Season 4, Episode 11: Mini-Moon Time

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Photo Credit: FYI Network - Married at First Sight

Photo Credit: FYI Network – Married at First Sight

Things are starting to dry up in the relationships so, the experts suggest the last two standing couples to take a mini-moon. If you don’t know what a mini-moon is, just think of a mini-honeymoon, a mini-getaway, a short trip from home to get away from the daily stressors of life!


Nick & Sonia

"Married At First Sight"/ Karolina Wojtasik

“Married At First Sight”/ Karolina Wojtasik

Sonia has still not moved back in with Nick. Surprised? PopHearts TV actually is. Sonia expresses her gratitude for Nick stepping up his game and trying so much more than he did in the beginning, but is this a sign Nick is trying a little too late? With one week left in the marriage and Sonia still not moving back in, this mini-moon is really the only thing that can save their marriage at this point. Nick and Sonia decide to stay one night at a hotel in downtown Miami.

Sonia slips on the SEXIEST dress for their romantic dinner. We’re talking the girls are out to play and the sex-appeal is strong.  Nick see’s her in her LBD (little black dress) and literally loses his breath.  Here’s a first, he actually tells her she looks beautiful! Nick and Sonia’s mundane mini-moon leads to dinner and bed. Despite the sexual tension between the two, Nick does not get lucky and Sonia stands her ground. She ain’t budging for NOTHING!

Despite their mini-moon bringing them closer on a friendship level, Sonia is still hesitant to move back in. Nick’s frustration reaches level high. Will good girl Sonia cave and move back in, or will Nick have had enough and say ‘goodbye?

Tom & Lily

Married at First Sight: Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson. Photo by Karolina Wojtasik Copyright 2016

Married at First Sight: Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson. Photo by Karolina Wojtasik Copyright 2016

Tom and Lily head for the Florida Keys on their mini-moon. Out of the two years Lily’s lived in Miami, she has never been to The Keys. Tom is breaking out the tour bus, the one he used to live on. Lily whines and moans about how hot and uncomfortable the tour bus is, once again showing her immaturity. Despite her dislike for the tour bus, she agrees to go because the bus is Tom’s pride and joy. Upon arriving to The Keys, Tom and Lily go snorkeling and we learn Lily isn’t a fan of water activities. This is so opposite of Tom, a guy who surfs almost every day and lives in the ocean.

Tom and Lily’s mini-moon turns out to be pretty mediocre as well. Of course they’re always lovey dovey, but we pretty much get the same ol’ same ol’ from them. They both are falling for each other, but continue to find silly flaws in one another.

Next week is the FINAL week. We’re talking decision day. Nick and Sonia and Tom and Lily must decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce. Tom drops a bomb about how he and Lily are two completely different people. Sonia seems to be committed, but is capable of anything at this point.

Stay tuned to PopHearts TV social media accounts to let us know your predictions on who will stay married and who will get a divorce!

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