Exclusive Interview: D’Ambrosio Twins Talk Music, Acting And Future Goals

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Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio are only 12 years old and have already started making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. With an already very successful music career, they’ve also added acting to their resume with shows such as “The Young and the Restless.” We were able to conduct an interview with these successful twins to discuss how they got their start in the industry, new music, and current gigs.

(Ricky Middlesworth)

At only 12 years old, you twins have accomplished a lot in the business. How did you both get started in the entertainment industry?

We were really young when we started. People would stop our mom because we’re twins and ask if we were in the business. After our mom heard this so many times she decided to get us a manager. We were really lucky that after a few auditions we booked a recurring role as ‘Summer Newman’ on the “Young and the Restless.”  We just kept going on from there. Taking acting classes, going to school, doing auditions, learning to play music. It’s been lots of fun!

You both made your feature film debut in “Feeding Mr. Baldwin.” Tell us about your role in this film.

It’s actually a really funny story… not sure if we ever told anyone. We actually had a commercial audition. The casting director gave us lines at the audition (which usually commercial auditions for kids don’t have a lot of lines). Then he had us say them different ways, including saying them at the same time. About a month later we got the call that we booked the movie! Turns out, the casting director was also casting a movie and when he saw us he thought we would be a great fit for the role. So when auditioning for one thing you never know… you might book something else!

Tell us about your role as ‘Summer Newman’ on CBS’ “The Young and the Restless.”

We played the young ‘Summer Newman.’ Everyone was really nice to work with! We actually are still in touch with our TV mom, Michelle Stafford. Right after we auditioned, our mom got a call on the way home that we booked it and we were so excited. Most people don’t know that our first outfit on the show was the same outfit we auditioned in since we ended up going to set and working the very next day. We still have that outfit for memories.

Not only are you both acting, but you already have a long history of success in the music industry. How did you get involved in this industry as well?

It all started by just taking piano lessons. From there we started trying other instruments – and for Bianca, guitar was a match and Chiara, the drums just spoke to me! I can get crazy and wild with the drums.

Then we started recording music and just having fun. The first song we recorded and released was “Let Your Light Shine” which was an anti-bullying song. The song got over a million views on YouTube, and from that we started playing at schools and got on the board of the anti-bullying organization, Boo 2 Bullying, which is something we’re committed to. As we got a couple years older, we kept doing songs and did a super fun rap song called “That’s What Girls Do.” It became really fun when we started playing our instruments and doing covers! We released an album called “Got You Covered” that features all the songs we recorded that ranged from Ramones to Twenty One Pilots. For the album, we ended up co-writing our own song with our music coach Marko Desantis from the band Sugarcult. That song is called “Young and Free.”  We shot a music video for the song too, which co-stars Hayden Summerall.

Could you tell us about your album of cover songs, “Got You Covered?” What was your favorite song to cover on the album?

This was so much fun to do! Since we play instruments, we wanted to do songs that we could play live. So we chose songs that we knew from our parents playing them around the house and in the car. A lot of the songs are from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

What was your favorite song to cover on the album?

That’s tough, because we love them so much, but I think our favorites are the Ramones’ “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You” and Best Coast’s “Crazy For You”

What would you say is your personal music style?

We like everything really. We love the current songs on the radio, but we really are getting into the ‘80s songs we hear on our favorite show Stranger Things!

 How did it feel working with Grammy award winning music producer, Jared Gosselin, on your own track, “That’s What Girls Do?”

Jared is awesome, it’s always fun to work with him! “That’s What Girls Do”  is a fun rap song. We got to get all retro in the video that Paul Boyd directed.

What inspired this track?

That song was really just about being girls and doing things girls like to do – have fun and shop. LOL. But seriously, we also talk about how important school is and our adorable rescue dogs.

 In addition to music and acting, you both are extremely passionate about animals and anti-bullying. Tell us about your role as Youth Ambassadors for the ‘Boo 2 Bullying Organization.’

As much fun as we have, the reality is that some things in life are bummers.  We were victims of bullying and know with social media how much easier it is for a kid to be a victim, so we do as much as we can to raise awareness and help or inspire whoever we can whenever we can.  We are actually now on the Board of Directors of Boo2Bullying after having been ambassadors since we were 7 years old.

We also LOVE animals and are big advocates for pet adoption. We have fostered so many dogs and have two awesome rescues, Max and Callie.  We also have a bunny rabbit. So we stand behind what we say!

What are some of your goals you are working towards in the entertainment industry?

Goals…. Bianca wants to be a Director & Chiara wants to be a writer.  We love acting and are so excited about a few secret projects we just worked on for Nickelodeon.  We are looking forward to 2018 and a couple of other projects slated for Spring. We would love to one day win a Grammy for our music and an Oscar.  We have big dreams and we encourage everyone to dream big and have fun!

 If your fans needed to know one thing about each of you, what is most important for them to know?

We love our friends and family and appreciate all the support from our followers <3

We are obsessed with Stranger Things and Riverdale.

Oh and if you want to laugh and have fun, check out our YouTube channel “dambrosiotwins”!!!


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