“Dancing with the Stars” Era Night

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Monday’s episode of Dancing With The Stars was full of blasts from the past for Era Night. We weren’t just transported back in time, we also saw the stars compete in a team challenge, Team Past verse Team Future. Although the night was filled with performances for the ages, we still had our top picks.

Sharna and James

The first couple that made my favorite list this week is of course, Sharna and James. I know, I know, you’re probably not surprised. I’ve been refraining from naming them each week, but this week I couldn’t help myself. The pairing performed a 1940’s inspired Jitterbug like the champions I think they are. Although Sharna hurt herself during rehearsals earlier in the day, she let James lead her like the professional he is.

The creative concept and choreography of this number were out of this world. I did not want it to stop. Judge Carri Ann Inaba said it best when she commented to James, “You disappear into the world Sharna creates for you.” Julianne Hough followed up saying, “You two never leave anything to chance, the storyline, the concept, the choreography, you always do it like it’s your last dance.” The two scored an impressive 36 out of 40.

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Calvin and Lindsey

My second favorite couple for the evening is Calvin and Lindsey. Again, I know, not another shocker, but come on, their 1950’s Jive had me jumping off my couch. The dance had incredible energy, a fun loving concept, and great choreography. Although the this routine did not include the sky hight lifts we are used to seeing, it didn’t need it. Calvin was smiling ear to ear, donning fun facials, and looked like one extremely tall professional dancer.

The judges loved this routine as well. Carri Ann Inaba said, “You took the dance, you made it your own, it was energetic, effortless, and easy on the eyes.” The two tied with James and Sharna for the highest score of the night, earning a 36 out of 40.

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Honorable Mentions

My honorable mentions this week go to Terra and Sasha with their 1930’s inspired Fox Trot, and Laurie and Val with their 1960’s Quickstep. Both couples did an exceptional job Monday.

Team Dance

As far as the team challenge goes, the judges completely got it right when they gave the win to Team Past which included, Calvin and Lindsey, James and Sharna, Ryan and Cheryl, and Maureen and Artem. Their team Viennese Waltz was effortless, beautiful, and captivating.

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

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