Dynamite Dylan Drops Video for New Single “No Competition”

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Boom goes the Dynamite! Dynamite Dylan has done it again. He has released another hit single with a music video to match. After releasing “Video Games”, reaching over 63 million views, Dylan has teamed up with YouTuber Jake Paul to drop a must see, fan filled, music video for their new single, “No Competition”!

The video features Instagram stories of fans singing along to the catchy beat. You won’t want to stop dancing around to this fun song. After watching “No Competition”, it’s easy to see the love Dynamite Dylan has for his fans — there’s no competition there. During Dylan and Jake’s  mission to find a girl Dylan sees on Instagram, the duo perform for fans and bring them along for some fun on massive trampolines. I mean how fun would that be in real life?! After showing fans some love, Dylan continues his quest for Instagram mystery girl. Does he find her, do they end up together? We guess you will have to find out!


Like what you see and hear? There’s more where that came from. Dynamite Dylan has been hitting the studio with Poo Bear — song writer for Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Big Sean, Usher, and well-known Producer, Russell Ali. With years of vocal lessons and the expertise of Poo Bear and Russell Ali, there’s only a matter of time before Dynamite Dylan hits us with another irresistible single.

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