2017 American Music Awards: Live Updates!

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It’s that time of year again! A night full of fashion, celebrities, and of course, music!  Selena Gomez, Niall Horan, and P!nk are taking the stage for some amazing musical performances. And stars like The Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars are ready to battle it out for the Artist of the Year.

Keep up with us as we go live for the American Music Awards! So … are you ready?

After an amazing performance of Kelly Clarkson and P!nk, our amazing host Tracee Ellis Ross reminds us about how amazing her family truly is! Not only is she hosting, but her mother is winning the Lifetime Achievement Award! What a family!

Demi Lovato is now dominating the stage with her unapologetic song, “Sorry Not Sorry” followed up by her old tour partner, Nick Jonas, singing “Find You”!


Then Hailee Steinfeld took the stage for her collaboration with Florida Georgia Line!

But of course nothing was cuter than DJ Khaled giving little baby Asahd a kiss after he won! Such a cute duo!

Right now I can’t hold myself back with Shawn Mendes taking stage and slaying my entire life! During the pre-show red carpet, he mentioned that he just goes on stage and lets whatever happens happens.  Even with this mindset, he has no mercy on us with how he commands the stage!

If you thought Taylor Swift wasn’t going to make an appearance, you were wrong! She had a shout out video for Diana Ross thanking her for her all she’s done in the music world. How precious!

Of course, Tay’s girl Selena Gomez slayed right after that with her only performance of the year singing “Wolves” with Marshmellow. She had such a great performance for someone who just had surgery! I mean seriously, what surgery? Go SEL!


Then the cast of “Riverdale” announced The Chainsmokers as the winners for EDM artists and we’re now just wondering, when is TCS heading to Riverdale? Could you imagine? Josie and the Pussycats and Archie and TCS… now that would be a crazy collab!

But back to the show! Seriously, only at the AMAs can you have Viola Davis announce Christina Aguilera singing a tribute to Whitney Houston and have P!nk caught on camera emotional while watching. I mean if that doesn’t sum up what the AMAs are all about, I don’t know what will.


Lady Gaga might not physically be there to perform, but that did not stop her from having the most EPIC AMAs performance! Honestly, I’m just so obsessed with her! She’s literally the Cure this world needs, my gosh. And wow she won an AMA for Favorite Pop/Rock Female! What an inspiration!

And let me tell you, I never knew what I wanted until Imagine Dragons performed with Khalid! Like are you kidding me!? I definitely felt that amazing energy of lighting and thunder on stage! These collabs are just too amazing! And to end it with confetti falling and a hug between the two performers … unbelievable!

Now, we’re waiting for another crazy performance from none other than P!nk! It’s about to be “gravity defying” as Tracee calls it, and I have no doubts at all!

But before she takes the stage, Niall Horan just won New Artist of the Year! We are SCREAMING! It was very well deserved and I’m so proud of him! Yay for Niall!

Okay so back to P!nk. This performance is literally death defying. She is pushing off the walls, scaling the building and just soaring! What a mindblowing performer she is. There is no one who will ever be able to beat P!nk’s performance quality. She did say it herself during her “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden, she sings better upside down. Honestly, she sings perfectly in ANY AND EVERY position!


With a night full of amazing collaborations, one of the most epic ones takes home the award for Best Collaboration aka “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber!

When K-Pop group BTS took the stage, there was no denying how much energy surged throughout the audience! Everyone was up and dancing and just screaming their heads off. When Jared Leto went onstage to announce Artist of the Year, he needed to pause to let the crowd calm down from the BTS performance. So amazing! And then Bruno Mars took the award for Artist of the Year.

As if that wasn’t great enough, the Obamas had a fantastic congratulations message to Diana Ross.  She’s up next to perform and win her Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ms. Diana Ross is literally such a boss! No one can ever deny that fact. It must have been so special for her to perform a show her own daughter was hosting and her entire family was there for. So well deserved! She even performed with her grand children and was awarded by her own daughter!

“This is all about love.” – Diana Ross

What a way to end the night with a goodnight and goodbye from the Ross family!


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