Exclusive Interview: Anne Winters Talks New Film “Mom and Dad”

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I had the opportunity to interview actress, Anne Winters, about her upcoming movie, Mom and Dad, and her role as Carly Ryan. You may know the 23 year old actress from her role as Mia, in Zac and Mia, or her role in the FX drama series Tyrant as Emma Al-Fayeed. This actress doesn’t slow down – find out about her role in the new thriller, Mom and Dad.


For those who don’t know what Mom and Dad is about, could you tell them a bit about the movie?

Basically, it starts out with a typical family and then something happens – we don’t know what but parents start killing their children. And that’s about the extent of the movie. From then on it is an absolute crazy adventure. I am running away from my parents trying to save my brother and I from them and then their parents come, it’s just a crazy mess.

What made you want to take on the role of Carly Ryan in this film?

I first read the script and thought this was crazy and different, and it just seemed like a great time and a fun, challenging movie.  And who doesn’t want to be in a movie with Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair? I was pretty much sold from the beginning. And Brian Taylor is great, when I first met him I knew it was going to be such a fun time. It was such a different world. We filmed in Kentucky and it was like living in a different world for a couple months.

You also got to work with such an incredible cast, such as Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair. What was it like to work with these actors?

It was really, really fun. They are both so different in their own way. Nicolas Cage is crazy and is like his own human being. It is really awesome to watch him work and see what he does with his character. How he transforms himself into this raging mess, it is so crazy to watch him go from zero to a million. And Selma is hilarious, we would be offset cracking up and making jokes and the next minute crying and hiding from each other and ripping each other’s hair out. Having them as parents was definitely super different than my own family but it was a great experience.

What were some of your favorite moments you shared with the cast while filming?

Some of my favorite moments were behind the scenes with Selma because we would be cracking up and then having to start crying the next moment. Those moments were so funny. Also, Brian Taylor would throw in random things. There was one scene where my boyfriend, Robert, and I locked my mom in a closet. Afterwards we started laughing because it was so crazy. In one take Brian told me to kiss Robert and see what happens. I kissed him and it just turned into this whole other thing and it didn’t work at all and it wasn’t kept. But that was something he threw out and I loved trying different things.

Could you tell us what your favorite scene was to film?

The one where I am in the kitchen and my parents are coming at me with a sawzall and they walk closer and closer, that scene was pretty intense. Also, Nic is super method so between takes he would still be in character and looking at me like he wanted to kill me, it was pretty creepy. I was nervous to be honest.

You are also on the cast of 13 Reasons Why, Season 2, what does it mean to be a part of such an important show?

Honestly, it is such a crazy thing to be on this show, it was such a huge hit and it shows a lot of truth to people who are going through something like that or to others who don’t know it is going on around them. The message is important and the cast is amazing. The show is great all around and very top notch. It is a blessing to be on it.

Are there any new projects you are working on for this upcoming year you can tell us about?

I just wrapped three projects. I just wrapped a movie called Night School with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. It is my first big motion picture and will be out in September. I am one of the main characters in the night school and it is a really, really funny comedy. Also, we just wrapped the second season of Zac and Mia. If anyone hasn’t watched season one I urge you to watch because it shares a really important message about cancer. It is free on Verizon Go90, only 15 minute episodes. The third project is 13 Reasons Why, along with Mom and Dad.


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