Exclusive Interview: Aubrey Miller Talks “Just Add Magic,” Her Fans and More!

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Aubrey K. Miller has made her grand return in Amazon Prime’s Just Add Magic, Season 2 Part 2. Aubrey plays ‘Hannah,’ the cautious but lovable character in the show, which follows three friends who find a magical cookbook in the attic, that brings about some crazy adventures. But not only is she an actress, she also loves to dance, sing, play the piano and guitar, and cook. Get to know, Aubrey K. Miller!

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You star in Amazon Prime’s hit show, Just Add Magic, as Hannah. Could you tell us a little bit about your character and the show?

The show is based around three best friends – Hannah, Kelly and Darbie – who find an old mysterious cookbook in the attic, that originally belonged to the book’s previous ‘protectors’ (Ms. Silver, Mama P and Grandma Quinn). The three girls soon discover that the cookbook contains far from ordinary recipes… they’re magical! The girls embark on many adventures trying to save people and solve mysteries using the spellbinding recipes and their friendship. Each episode leaves you on a cliffhanger. You can watch Just Add Magic on Amazon Prime. It’s loved by all ages!

My character Hannah is logical, smart and apprehensive. She’s the one who is always trying to make the right choices, and sometimes is afraid to take on the risks of magic, but with her two best friends by her side, together they form an unstoppable friendship that is impossible to separate even through the worst events. Hannah also has an older sister on the show named Hailey, played by Kirrilee Berger.

How were you able to break into this character? Do you share any similarities?

Hannah and I share many similarities. We both love our family and friends, care about school and grades, want to make the best decisions  love to bake/cook, etc. It was very easy for me to create this character and grow with her. I also got to create some of my own characteristics for Hannah that really represented who I am. I incorporated my love of music into the character andput dance-related decorations in Hannah’s bedroom, like my ballet bar and pointe shoes.

Did you get a chance to read the book that is based off of by Cindy Callaghan?

I did not read the original book, “Just Add Magic” by Cindy Callaghan, prior to being cast for the role of Hannah. However, after we filmed the first episode, Cindy was kind enough to send us a copy of book. It was fun reading it and seeing how she portrayed the characters to be throughout the story

 What is one of your favorite parts about filming the show?

My favorite part about filming the show was being on set and working with an amazing cast and crew. I have a great relationship with all my castmates, especially with Olivia and Abby. Our time on set together has been so much fun. It’s especially fun when we get to act under some crazy spell and try the different food recipes. Fun fact: everything we ate on set was vegan.

Tell us about landing your first role on Nick Jr.’s The Fresh Beat Band. Is this when you knew you wanted to perform for the rest of your life?

The Fresh Beat Band was the first audition I ever went on. I was 9-years old when I auditioned and booked the role as a dancer/actress. It was an exciting event in my life, but I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew how to dance on stage, but I had never read a script or delivered lines on a set. From the moment I stepped onto the sound stage though, I fell in love with the set life. I knew that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Fun fact: I guest stared on another Nickelodeon show called Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn and it was on the same stage as The Fresh Beat Band!

You have also made guest star appearances on shows such as, Shameless, Sam and Cat, and Austin and Ally. Tell us a bit about these roles and what it is like to be a part of them.

Shameless, Sam and Cat, and Austin and Ally gave me the opportunities to play some really great characters. These are three very different characters that have remained some of my favorites.

Shameless was an amazing experience, getting to play a dramatic heartfelt role alongsideWilliam H. Macy. I enjoyed bringing emotion to the viewers through my performance. It was something so special since I had, at that time, only worked on Disney and Nickelodeon shows. I also had the honor of working with Emmy Rossum and Joan Cusack.

Sam and Cat was an absolute blast! I loved working with Ariana Grande (Cat) and Jennette McCurdy (Sam). I also had a lot of fun playing my character Ellie – a spunky, tough and smart girl who stood up to anyone who got in her way. One of the best moments on set was when the director said, “Just do your thing,” and he let the three of us play out the food scenes in the restaurant the way we wanted. What a mess, and a blast! I remember when Jennette reached over the table and attacked me while trying to get ‘my Poober’ (scraggly stuffed animal) away from me. It was difficult to keep a straight face during these scenes with us all improvising our lines. I also enjoyed hanging out with Jennette in her dressing room during breaks. We would sing, dance and make videos on Vine. Ariana and I talked about healthy eating off set. They’re both very sweet!

My character Megan Simms from Austin and Ally holds a special place in my heart! She was a character I really got to create and play with. Megan Simms was my first guest star role after The Fresh Beat Band. I had the whole script memorized at my first table read. Lol! I loved working with Laura, Ross, Raini and Calum. They were very welcoming and always included me during lunch or during their time on set. I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to play Megan on such a fun Disney show! Fun fact: I still have my Megan Simms sparkly high top shoes.

Aside from acting, you also have a passion for dancing which you are able to share through your YouTube Channel. Are you working on any new content or dances your fans can look forward to?

I love to dance and I enjoy posting dance videos to share. I’m going to start posting a dance video every week on my YouTube channel as well as on my other social media accounts. My newest dance cover is to “Peek-A-Boo” by Red Velvet. I have a blast filming covers and original work, and I’m happy to hear how much people enjoying watching them. Fun fact: I have been dancing since the age of 3 – ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, tap, musical theater and currently KPOP.

As a vegan, you are also quite passionate about cooking. What is one of your favorite meals to cook?

One of my favorite meals to cook is a vegetable quinoa bowl. I usually cook it with zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, and black beans over an organic quinoa. It’s a great source of protein and it’s delicious!

What is one thing you would like your fans to know?

I want my fans to know how much their love, support and fan mail really does mean to me. I get to do what I love doing everyday thanks to them. Their positivity and encouragement on my social media accounts warms my heart. I feel so blessed to have fans by my side that are so supportive, kindhearted and real. I enjoy when I have the opportunity to engage back with my fans through social media, a common interest like KPOP, live streams, or simply replying back to their comments. I’m so grateful! Thank you!

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