Exclusive Interview: Carrie Lane’s Debut EP “Bows Before Bros”

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I had the chance to chat with the lovely singer and songwriter, Carrie Lane. Tuesday (June 30th) she is set to release her debut EP, Bows Before Bros, along with celebrating the EP release at Stitch Bar and Lounge in New York City. Fans can expect a power pop-rock vibe on the EP, similar to Demi Lovato’s sound, which I personally can’t wait to jam out in my car to!

The girl power and female-driven EP was written by herself and Ron Geffen. Both drew inspiration from their personal lives and relationships — even mentioning a recent date asked her if she was going to “Taylor Swift” him. Meaning, would she eventually be writing a song about him. Her answer? “Yes” and “I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t, along with any other writer.” Hopefully there was no bad blood after the date.

The first single, “Nothing  To Say,” was released last fall and she says it’s one of her favorite songs off the album because well, who doesn’t love a good fun break-up song? Carrie also loves the memories she’s made along the way preforming and shooting the video for the song.

Carrie 3 The singer/songwriter also shot a video, “Don’t Stand By Stand Up.” The anti-bullying message is very clear in the video along with breaking stereotypes at the end by shredding the shirts. She said that it became personal and very real for the people in the video because each were asked to pick a shirt they or someone they knew identified with and by the end, they were releasing the stereotypes they were holding on to. We love that she is standing up for those being bullied!

This rising star in the industry preformed at the huge music festival, SxSW (South by Southwest), if you’re not familiar, it’s basically one of the biggest music festivals there is. Being on such a huge spotlight, she said she was “a nervous wreck.” Carrie says it was a “truly humbling and incredible experience and glad to be able to perform.” She’s already looking forward to going back next year — and hopefully one day performing at Madison Square Garden.

She will be on the tour scene after the EP is released. Fans will hear original songs and some covers, which her fans know to look for each week on YouTube. My personal favorite was the sultry version of Nick Jonas’ “Chains.” She has a great ear for new and up coming music. She always seems to nail to next big hit on the radio. Surprisingly, she prefers to cover male artists like Maroon 5.

Carrie is also the spokesperson for the charity Sound Affects, which raises money for cancer research. Unlike many other charities, Sound Affects take the money and put it directly into the funding scientific cancer research. After cancer hitting close to home, not once, but twice, she feels it can effect anyone and that is why she chose to be part of such a great organization.

This summer she is looking forward to touring and writing new music for a second EP. We can’t wait to hear Carrie’s new music Tuesday!

To attend the release party click here for tickets.

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