Exclusive Interview: “Guilt” Stars, Billy Zane and Daisy Head

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We are mere days away from solving the mystery of Molly Ryan’s murder and to celebrate we chatted with two of Guilt‘s biggest stars, Daisy Head and Billy Zane. Unfortunately, no spoilers were given but we found out their favorite parts about their characters, how they describe the finale and how they believe fans will be SHOCKED!

GUILT - "What Did You Do?" - Is Grace Atwood guilty of brutally murdering her flatmate? The jury deliberates on the Molly Ryan murder trial on the season finale of "Guilt," airing MONDAY, AUGUST 22 (9:00 - 10:00 p.m. EDT), on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family.(Freeform/Angus Young) DAISY HEAD, EMILY TREMAINE, BILLY ZANE

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What was the favorite part about playing your characters? 

Daisy: I think for me it was the ambiguity of Grace and her ability to swing in completely different directions at any given moment and not knowing where you stand with her.

Billy: His assertive wit, playing such a smart tactician. Someone who has such a biting tongue, he was just a joy to play and his comedy.

… I followed up to see if they had a favorite scene to shoot together and while they didn’t have one specific moment they both agreed that they loved how their characters formed their relationship as the season progressed.  Billy continued to say “…we build this really interesting bond as he learns and believes Grace is innocent.” Daisy said she enjoyed how scenes with them too “were scenes between two people, not a client and a lawyer.”

In the last episode you see Stan gets himself arrested to prove Grace’s innocence. Do you think that he does that because of the relationship they formed and he truly believes she is innocent? or is there more to it? 

Daisy: I think Grace sees that Stan wouldn’t just do anything to get her off. He believes in her innocence and they have built a friendship. I feel that they have a certain level of respect. Sometimes Natalie treats Grace like a child, so I think it’s really nice for Grace to have someone who respected her and treats her like an adult. She really appreciates the lengths that Stan will go through to help her win her case. And she doesn’t know that Stan admitted to James that he would work pro bono, but he would.  I think that says a lot about his character.

So, of course there are a ton of fan theories out there! Have you noticed a lot of fans being on to who the killer is, or do you think everyone is going to be shocked? 

Daisy: I think people will be very shocked

Billy: Yeah, I think people will be shocked. We were, I don’t think anyone guessed. You guess, you probably twist it, turn it there are different ways you could approach it.  Generally speaking everyone is going to be really blown away and shocked.

That makes us so excited! So, from the beginning fans have been told we will learn who the killer is. Last episode, however, had many loose ends to be tied up.  Will the finale leave any cliffhangers? 

Daisy: Their are definitely going to be cliffhangers, because we are hoping for a season 2, but you will find out who the killer is within the first 15 minutes. There’s a lot of episode left for other lose ends to be tied up… and potentially new story lines to come up.

Describe the finale in ONE word.

Daisy: Explosive!

Billy: Unreal!

Clearly this is one finale you do not want to miss! We’d like to thank Daisy Head and Billy Zane for chatting with us! Make sure to tune in on Monday night to watch the drama unfold on Freeform. Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below and tweet us @PopHeartsTV !

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