Interview: Leyo to Star on Hulu’s “East Los High” July 15th

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It didn’t take much for Pop Hearts TV to fall in line and in love with sexy singing sensation, Leyo. The Mexican-American singer and actor recently debuted his single Dime Que Si, in June, and is expected to make a HUGE splash on Hulu’s Emmy Nominated Original Series, East Los High — airing July 15th.

Leyo lept to virtual stardom in 2008 when he landed a chance to audition a spot on Telefutura’s Season 6, singing competition and reality show, Objetivo Fama. Leyo describes the experience as “eye opening” and “like a college for entertainment,” teaching him how to appear on-camera and speak in front of people. Pop Hearts TV’s intern, Ray, from Puerto Rico, says he used to watch the show and Leyo was always the funny guy.

“My personality saved me so much. Being on camera I would get so nervous. I would just turn on that part of my personality and be funny,” Leyo say. “The production team loved my energy and said, ‘we are going to make you the clown of the house.’ Now wherever I go in Puerto Rico, I’m known as the guy with the hilarious laugh. People always ask me to laugh.”

In Leyo’s recent debut single, he was fortunate enough to have worked with well-known producer Cory Rooney. Rooney has worked with such super-stars as Jennifer Lopez. Leyo told PHTV, that the pair have a lot of plans for upcoming music. Leyo says Rooney is creative and they both have the same vision — including, his “boy next door” personality. “I’m not trying to be Rico Suave here! That’s not me,” he says.

Leyo teased more upcoming collaborations once he hops into the studio again soon. Marc Anthony would be high on his list of people he would love to duet with — but he would prefer a Spanish ballad.

In East Los High Leyo worked alongside music veteran, Christina Milian. In the show she plays his producer. Milian’s character struggles to help Leyo sing with passion — something Leyo definitely doesn’t have trouble with in real life!

Leo 4“The cast, producers, the organization of the team was amazing. It was such an amazing experience. I keep saying amazing, but it really was.” Leyo continues, “I feel like you can’t fake that. The girls on the show, they were nominated for Emmys, they’re beautiful and so talented, but also so humble. It’s a breath of fresh air when you meet certain people like that. I am thankful I had this opportunity.”

Pop Hearts TV would like to say the same about Leyo. He’s a great guy and we’re thrilled we had the opportunity to chat with him about his plethora of exciting projects. We can’t wait to see what is in store for this up and comer in the next year!

Don’t forget to follow him on social media, pick up his new single available on iTunes, and don’t forget to check him out on East Los High, July 15th.

Twitter: @OfficialLeyo


Leyo’s recent performance at Bitter End in New York City.




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