Exclusive Interview: “Monica the Medium” Monica Ten-Kate

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Freeform’s reality series “Monica The Medium” has quite possibly become the network’s most popular reality show yet. The show focuses on Monica Ten-Kate, a young woman who is trying to navigate through college, family, & friends, OH and she can communicate with spirits who have crossed over.

Sounds fake, right? Monica was blessed with a gift. I believe that certain people have gifts that can’t be explained such as being a Medium or being Clairvoyant. Monica uses her gift to help people cope with the losses of their love ones by delivering messages of hope, warmth & healing

I was given the opportunity to interview Monica about the upcoming season 2 premiere on MONDAY, APRIL 25 (10:00—11:00 p.m. EDT).

(Freeform/Rick Rowell)

(Freeform/Rick Rowell)

I have to tell you I am a big fan of the show and have been since the beginning. I love the work that you do & was so excited when this show was announced!
That’s awesome! Thank you!

On your show you reference heaven and I know you come from a religious background. I know that for me, this is really the first time I’ve ever seen something like that from a medium. So my question is what is it like for you to be a religious person that has this gift? Cause I know most religion doesn’t look so kindly on gifts like these.
Well the thing is, when I do say heaven I try to balance it out with “I call the other side heaven, you can call it the other side or the afterlife.” It doesn’t have to be heaven. I call it that cause it’s a familiar term for me but I make sure to let my clients know that they can call it whatever works for them because that’s all that matters.

I did grow up in a Catholic environment, going to catholic school and growing up in a Catholic family. But I actually no longer place myself in a particular religion. I am more spiritual in believing in an afterlife, in God, in what I call heaven through the work that I do. But I no longer identify with a certain religion. I think there is a truth to many different religions and I think that there is a purpose as to why you might be in a certain one to learn and grow from during this lifetime.

You made such a big move! You and Kyrsta now live in San Diego. I hear you were weary about the move and how people were gonna treat your gift, can you tell me a little more about that?
I have always had an interest and a love for Southern California! Even as a child before I even visited, I always pictured myself moving out here. To make that a reality has been a big step and wasn’t always easy. It’s a big transition but it is hands down the best thing I could have done for myself. I am so happy here! And you will see during this second season my initial worries of “how will I be accepted?” in this new community in San Diego with new people, new friends and all of that versus back on the east coast. Because I had heard that people are very open and spiritual out here but you never really know until you are here and doing the work. You will see how I’ve been received. I’ve been doing really well out here and I absolutely love it!

In season one your family was featured a lot. Any plans for your sisters or parents to venture out to come see you?
Well I know that two of my sisters, cause one lives in London, but the ones you saw last season, Vanessa and Joanna, plus my dad come out and visit during one episode this season. I know that during filming my mom will possibly call me or FaceTime with me but I’m not for sure if those will be included or not just yet.

The element is still there but it’s a lot less than last season. But that’s because there is so much going on in San Diego! There is no shortage of other things that I get to do with more time. With new roommates and I kinda find a medium community and more spiritual friends out here! I’ve gotten to find different ways to continue to have a support group because I don’t have my family right there with me all the time like I used to.

Being in California, you’ve had more opportunities to meet more mediums and garner a support group. Have had anytime to meet with any celebrity clients or maybe even socialize with “Hollywood Medium,” Tyler Henry? 
That’s funny, you must be a little psychic yourself Dustin! I randomly had the urge to reach out to Tyler this morning, it’s not completely random but it’s great timing for that question. I haven’t talked to him in while but I reached out letting him know that I was gonna be LA soon so we can get together and schedule a lunch or dinner or something! He had reached out to me initially over the summer or early fall, I can’t remember, letting me know that he enjoyed my show and we exchanged numbers and we kinda text here and there. I haven’t met him in person yet but I like I said I am trying to meet sometime soon. Which would be really cool!

As far as celebrity clients go, I have met several when I was staying out in LA from July to December. Like for example, I gave Sarah Hayland a reading off-camera at some Freeform party she was at with her boyfriend, [Dom Sherwood] from “Shadowhunters.” I don’t really do what Tyler does as far as having a having a big celebrity client base and booking them as my regular clients, not that I couldn’t. It’s just not something that I choose to do, not to say that I wouldn’t! But I like doing it for people like you and me, you know the general public.

What is it about season 2 and this move that has you excited for the audience to see?
I think I am most excited for them to see the transformation within myself. Moving out here has really inspired me to become a stronger, more independent, more mature person in every aspect so my life, including my business and career. Even physically though too, I started working out and lost over 20 pounds. I am healthier than I’ve ever been in my entire life!

That’s amazing!
Yeah! It’s kinda funny because throughout the season you kinda see me get progressively smaller and smaller. But I’m doing it in a healthy way, working out or like going to the beach and running. I just have a new energy! Not just with my physical transformation but a new energy with everything that I do. It really reflects in everything I do, my readings are stronger than ever, I’m more confident in my dating and social life! I think people are gonna love it! I love the way this season has turned out and I can’t wait for people to see it!

I want to thank Monica for giving up some of her time to talk with me! I know that I am really excited for season 2 and I hope you guys are too! Feel free to send me any questions or thoughts on Twitter @DustinB3350 or Instagram @dustin3350! APRIL 25TH, HERE WE COME!


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