Exclusive Interview: Nickelodeon’s “The Other Kingdom” Actors, Esther Zynn and Callan Potter

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Nickelodeon’s newest show, “The Other Kingdom” is set to hit your TV screens, Sunday, April 10! The show follows Fairy Princess Astral, who has always been fascinated by the mortal world as she begins a new school year. In a twist, she swaps places with a foreign exchange student and takes on human form… but only for 90 days.

Pop Hearts TV correspondent, Yoli had a chance to chat with Esther Zynn, who plays Astral and also Callan Potter, who is the dreamy, athletic, and active, Tristan, who just moved back to town. We’re not surprised all of the girls swoon over him!

Watch the interview to learn more about the series…

This Sunday’s episodes we will get to see Astral decide if she is going to leave her home in the enchanted realm of Athenia and enroll in a human high school.

Then, in the second episode, the new kid Hailey, takes Astral under her wing and forces her to choose between her new friends and fitting in.

“The Other Kingdom,” created by Thomas W. Lynch (Make It Pop and Alex Mack), will air back-to-back episodes every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon for 10 weeks.

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