Exclusive Interview: “Recovery Road” Actress, Kyla Pratt

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In Freeform’s newest show, “Recovery Road” you can see the many different characteristics of the housemates. With Kyla Pratt’s character, Trish, we see a very spunky, energetic, funny girl, who even though is struggling with not having her daughter; she always shows a smile and positive vibe! I had the chance to chat with her about her character and what we can expect to see for Trish throughout the season.

kylaIn this weeks episode we are going to see a different side to Trish; being that her daughter is missing. Can you tell us how you prepare to be a more serious Trish?
Its crazy cause I actually auditioned for the role of Trish and her audition side is very bubbly very happy, very optimistic very bright. You know someone in the border line lane of someone you cant help but love, and I knew that playing her there would be some point where things would get serious. Because of course living in a sober house everything is not always rainbows and sunflowers every day. When these episodes came about I was just overly excited! Especially doing the episode that just aired last week, you see my flashback, you see where Trish comes from and the things that she’s going through and that she has dealt with and how she is the person she is now, is completely night and day. I knew that it was coming so I was ready for it and I was excited! I’ve mostly done comedy where I’m laughing and joking running around making people laugh so to be able to do this as an actress, knowing that I have been studying this all my life and know I have the opportunity to get this drama going, I knew it was time to get down to business, now its time to bring this character to life. Also to show people out there that there are different sides to drugs and addiction that we don’t really realize, and how something’s are swept under the rug and we don’t really talk about it. I think people watch this show and realize that one time of doing some type of drug could affect their life and its entirety and you think twice before, oh let me try this, just to feel better.

Will we get more insight on how Trish got her daughter taken away the first time? Can you share anything about her father?
I can’t tell you much about the family that you haven’t seen. The next episode is a lot about trying to figure out where her daughter is, how to get her back. A lot of conversation about her mother I believe will be addressed more towards the end of the season and hopefully next season. There is a lot going on with miss Trish. If you enjoy the show if you like the show and what you think so far, episode six is going to make you crazy.

Can you tell us anything that Trish herself will be doing to find her daughter?
Right now, it’s just her speaking with police. It’s nice to see in this episode the people that come around her and we see a lot of growth from Maddie in this episode. Cause Maddie is more of I’m not supposed to be here, teenagery type attitude.

Okay so the attraction between Trish and Margarita’s son was quite obvious. Are they just going to be co-workers or will it be more than an attraction?
I have a feeling that it’s going to be more. But Trish has a lot going on right now. As far as her recovery, trying to get a job and her daughter back and now that her daughter is missing there is whole other lane. Of course she’s attracted to the young man but she’s like okay wait umm my baby is more important. But I personally don’t think we have seen the last of Trish’s possible love interest,

Trish didn’t do so well as a waitress, will she cut it as the hostess?
I think that she will. They show her at the end of episode five really getting the hang of things. I think she has that type of personality. Somebody who when you walk into a business and they’re just so happy to see you, and you don’t know whey but you’re like oh you make me feel so good to be here. I think that’s perfect for Trish.

What about Trish becoming a reality star? Is that completely out the window or will Trish still try to accomplish that dream?
I think that’s something she will eventually try to accomplish because no matter what she’s still that bubbly person she still wants to do anything she can to get her daughter back so I think that’s still going to be in play as well.

Lastly, what has been your favorite memory while playing Trish’s Character?
There are so many memories that I am loving period about this whole experience. Because I’m doing this show and its something I have never done before. I’m blessed enough to be on set with writers who are just super dope and actors who love what they do and take everything serious. Trish is a character whom I get to show every dynamic of being an actress and everything that I wanted to do in my career. Hopefully this brings more things to come. Just being able to portray someone like her, and the research that I had to do that helped me get ready for this, is just something that I never was able to do before. No character that I played before had me doing research like Miss Trish. I’m happy with the feedback, I’m happy that people are feeling it. I put a lot of pressure on myself and I want people to see and episode like last week s episode and know that this is not just something you should do just as a hobby because it could really just change everything in your life. So we will see how it affects the characters more and more throughout the season and I cant wait for everyone to see.

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