Exclusive Interview: Skylar Stecker Talks Radio Disney, New Music And Tour

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Teen pop singer, Skylar Stecker, is definitely the next big thing as she’s been taking the music industry by storm. I’m not just saying that because she was recently named Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing. Today,  we are excited to share some BIG NEWS with our readers! We’re excited to announce her single, Only Want You is now #3 on The Billboard Dance Chart!!

Her single, “How Did We” is also the main soundtrack song for Warner Brothers new teen movie, Everything Everything. How awesome, right?! There is a lot coming up for this rising pop star and I was lucky enough to get the latest scoop from her!

(Photo Courtesy of: Skylar Stecker)

What does being named Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing” mean to you?

It was so exciting. I just remember when I first was introduced to Radio Disney and seeing NBT, hoping someday I will be in this position. Getting the call from my team and telling me that I was the NBT, I put down the phone and screamed and ran into the back yard where my mom was. It was so exciting and it was almost surreal because even though I was hopeful it would happen, I was not expecting it all when it did. I am just so grateful for the opportunity.

You’re currently #3 on the Billboard Dance Chart with your single, “Only Want You.” Are you currently working on any new music?

Yes, I am working on new music. I have actually written and recorded over 40 songs in the past year and a half which is a lot of songs when we put together the album. Eventually, I can only choose 10 or 11 songs which is never really easy. But I love recording new music and writing, so everyday the list of whats on the album changes. But I am actually supposed to be doing an acoustic version of “Only Want You” which I will be putting out soon.

What is it like being on tour this summer with artists like Miley Cyrus and Fifth Harmony?

It is so much fun, especially being able to see their shows and I learn something new from every single artist every time they perform. I always try and take something away that I can add to my own show or to do better. A lot of people I have never seen perform before, like Miley, so it’s my first time seeing them perform and my first time I get to perform in a lot of these places too. It’s really fun I get to do both.

What would be your dream venue to perform at and what vision do you have for a solo tour to look like?

Ohh, thats so hard! Dream venue? I performed at Staples Center for the National Anthem but I think Staples would be really cool as a solo concert to put on there or Madison Square Garden. For my future tour plans, I definitely want to go on a solo tour because I have done a lot of tours but never one on my own. I think once I put out my next album I will definitely start planning to do more solo shows.

Can you tell us about your work as a brand ambassador for PETA 2?

I am a vegan and I’ve been a vegan for two years now, and a vegetarian since I was seven. So I’ve always loved animals and when I decided to be a vegetarian and then a vegan, I did it solely for their rights and not for any weight reasons or anything. PETA has involved me in a lot, as well as given me the award for the Best Use of Internet Socials For Animals. They’ve been great and they always allow me to express myself in something I’m so passionate about, which is animal rights.

Being the youngest artist to sign to Cherrytree Records is such an accomplishment. What do you see yourself achieving with them over the next year?

Well number one, it’s super cool that I was the youngest artist for Cherrytree, I actually didn’t know that until after I signed with them. I am just so grateful for the team I have because they are 100% open for me to be who I want to be; every song I put out is me and they allow me to be a part of the writing process too because they don’t want me to change. I am just excited for all of us to be on this journey together because it’s just as much their journey as it is mine.

You also have a soundtrack song in Warner Brothers movie, “Everything, Everything.” What has it been like to hear your music on the big screen?

It was so exciting, I saw it at two different premieres in LA. It was surreal, and I actually read online that Beyonce was at one of the premieres and I freaked out because I was like ‘wait that means Beyonce heard one of my songs.’ But it was incredible and again, when I found out about my song being in the movie, it was a surprise and totally out of nowhere. The song was actually written by Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, who I have been wanting to work with for a really, really long time as well. I got the call, “hey we want to try your vocals on this song, it’ll be in the movie Everything Everything” and I freaked out. It was another one of those moments where I just screamed. It’s just incredible and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

You’re also a part of Radio Disney’s “Music In Our Schools” program. What is your role with this? 

They help music programs within the schools that might be cancelled or don’t have enough funding to keep going. We put on a show for them and at the end of the performance, they give the school a check to keep the music program. They had me for two shows this summer and they were so much fun. I got to perform in front of all the students at the schools and the students knew all the words to my new song which was really fun. Seeing people do what I first started doing at nine, really connects and resonates with me because that’s where I found my love for music. For me, I am able to go back and give back to people who will hopefully, someday be in the shoes I am now.

When you aren’t singing or busy on tour, what is your favorite thing to do?

Well, I am always writing and doing everything music – but when I’m not, I love to cook. I’m a vegan so I like to experiment with making things that aren’t usually vegan and turning them into vegan. I have hits and misses, my mom doesn’t really like it because of the messes, but its fun while I cook.

What is one thing that is important your fans know?

Number one, how grateful I am for all of the support throughout my whole career. I know at least 90% of my fans are from the beginning, which I think is so sweet and it’s so cool they’ve been able to go on this journey with me. Also, because I love music so much and it’s the reason for why I do what I do, I really want my fans to take away my love for music in every song I put out and in everything  I do. I also want them to follow their dreams and go after what they want because with hard work and thinking outside of the box, and just going for it, you can really do anything if you put your mind to it. I really want everyone to know anything is possible if you work hard.

Listen to Skylar’s new song and watch the music video below:

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