Exclusive Interview: “The Fosters” Star Cierra Ramirez

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I had the opportunity to chat with the beautiful Cierra Ramirez a.k.a “Miss Thang” who plays Mariana Adams-Foster on Freeform hit show “The Fosters.”

As an aspiring Latina journalist, I feed off of other Latinos in the English market. Knowing Cierra Ramirez is of Hispanic descent made me that much more excited to talk to her! I don’t play favorites, but it’s always a plus to be able to relate to an actor whom I admire.

Check out what she had to share!

(Freeform/Craig Sjodin)

(Freeform/Craig Sjodin)

Mariana’s character has a little bit of EVERYTHIG! Her bio mom had her at 16, she had has a paternal twin brother, she was placed in the foster system, adopted by a lesbian couple which whom both have different ethnicities from yours. What was your reaction to all the roles Mariana would have to play and how did you prepare?
So much has happened to this family, and yeah she’s had to deal with so many different issues, but it’s a blessing to play, it kind of gives that character a voice.

Are you anything like Mariana’s character?
I definitely have embodied the nickname “Miss Thang.” We are both very sassy, but she’s great with comebacks and that’s something I’m not. I always think of them 10 minutes later. She’s very witty and I really admire how she embraces the idea of being both smart and sexy. I think that that is something good to teach girls.

How was transitioning from Jake to Noah as your twin?
I love Noah! I think he adds so much texture and depth to the role. I think that twin dynamic was missing for a long time in the show. Through Noah, the adventures and troubles that they get into is back and better than ever. I really love Noah on the show. The moment he was brought on to the cast it was just right away it was like nothing ever happened.

I want to go back to the episode of your quinceanera. I thought it was really cool that the show incorporated a Latino tradition. What can you tell your fans as far as your culture and traditions, if any?
That episode was actually really fun to film for me because I got to live vicariously through Mariana. I never had a quinceanera of my own. I had the option of a quinceanera, a party or a shopping spree and I chose the shopping spree. But to have a quinceanera filmed and go back and watch it is amazing.

How has your journey as a Latina actress in the English market been for you? Would you consider doing a Spanish series novella or movie?
I love having this background. I really admire people like Jennifer Lopez and Kate Del Castillo who can do it all and do it well. I think they open the doors for many young girls like me. The thing that I had to explore with Mariana, I mean yeah she is a Latina but she’s growing up in this very blended diverse family, so she has had trouble finding her identity and knowing her background and what it means to her. So it’s been very fun. I would like to explore deeper in that as well as I progress in my career.

When you learned that Nick’s character had twist, more so that he was going to be a gunman, what were your thoughts?
It was hinted that he was a very broken boy, he had issues with his dad but I mean I never thought that they would take it to this extreme. It was crazy! I think the writers are so amazing and its crazy how they are so up to date with events. As unfortunate as this story line is, as what’s happening today, I mean its just really crazy but also really cool to bring that to light and talk about because its something important that people don’t want to talk about but it needs to be talked about.

How did you prepare yourself to become Nick’s victim? Gun pointed at you and all?
It was always a fear of mine to have that drill go on and be in a classroom you know, it was terrifying to me. I was just as nervous as Mariana was going into it because I didn’t know what I was getting in to. But once they yell action and the gun is pointed in my direction, it all becomes very real. The writing is just amazing. When the writing is there it’s really easy to start the water works.

Thank you so much to Cierra for chatting with me and Pop Hearts TV!! As always make sure to follow @PopHeartsTV on social media to stay connected!

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