Exclusive Interview: Warner Bros. Records Signs All-Girl Group L2M

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Warner Bros. Records recently signed girl group, L2M! Their debut song, “Girlz,” is now available through digital retailers. They also will be lending their singing voices to the all-new LEGO® Friends original movie entitled “Girlz 4 Life,” available Feb. 2.

“We are thrilled to have signed L2M to the label” says Warner Bros. Records President, Dan McCarroll. “They are five incredibly talented young girls who have a long and fruitful career ahead of them.  We couldn’t be more excited to introduce them to the world.”

All five members of L2M (which stands for “Listening 2 Music”) are experienced singers, dancers, and actors, who have undergone intensive recording sessions, vocal and dance lessons, and acting training alongside their daily schoolwork to prepare them for international pop stardom. Mariangeli, 12, is an exceptional singer who has racked up over 100 million views for her videos on YouTube. McKenzie, 11, is an experienced actress who has filmed for Disney. Tati, 12, is a professional dancer who assists top name choreographers. Jenna and Lexi, both 11, train at the same performing arts school in Dallas, Texas. Jenna is a first class softball player and Lexi designs her own fashion line.

The group has recorded a full album of songs, many of which are featured in forthcoming episodes of the LEGO Friends TV shows.

For more info check out the group’s official website, www.L2MOfficial.com and watch their music video for “Girlz” here.


Here is Pop Hearts TV’s Heather Joy Smith’s recent interview with the girls.

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