“The Fosters” S5 E3 Recap: Contact

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A new level of intensity starts heating up this week. The new neighbors come over for dinner, Emma’s acting even stranger, Callie and Aaron go on their first date, Mariana continues to make her classmates hate her and Jesus has another outburst. A lot to take in right? No problem, we got you! So let’s get started!

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Callie & Aaron’s First Date

We all have seen this coming for a very long time now. Callie and Aaron finally decide to go out on a date together! So how exactly did this start? Callie, Aaron and Mariana attend Ximenas’ derby match where the topic gets brought up. They decide to go out the next night but since Callie has so much going on, Aaron decides he will take care of making the plans.

Meanwhile, the whole family (including Aaron) decides to help Callie with her self-portrait assignment for art class. She wants everyone to take candid photos of her and use the picture that someone took of how they see her in the same way she sees herself. But let’s just say, she quickly regrets this decision. Everyone is coming out of nowhere trying to get a candid shot, which ends up scaring her half to death.

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Callie Is Not Pleased

Already in a mood from all of the pictures everyone has been taking, Callie seems unhappy about her date with Aaron coming up. He told her to wear a dress to dinner, ordered dinner for the both of them and chose the movie as well. She’s upset as to why Aaron took full control of everything – is it to show male dominance?

Apparently not. He explains he did everything because he thought he was helping her out. So while the highly anticipated date did not go as great as we all had expected, all ended well between the two love birds. And the pictures that he took at dinner…Callie says she never wants to be that miserable girl again.

Mariana Starts A New School Paper

Mariana continues to do what Mariana does best. She decides to go against the school rules once more and start a “revolution” within the school – anonymously of course. She holds a secret meeting with some students who are a part of the new paper, “Sea Breeze.”

When they tried to sneak the papers into the students lockers they notice that security cameras are going up around the school. So she gets the genius idea to drop the papers from up above in a drone. Everything was going very well until she lost control of the drone and it crashed into a tree.

And of course, Drew is the first one over to the tree to take a look at the drone and read “property of ABCC steam club.”

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Dinner With The New Neighbors

So, I know that we all have been dying the last week to find out how Stef knew Theresa. And we finally got our answer! Lena tells everyone that Theresa was Stef’s first girlfriend. I think we all kind of saw that one coming though…

It makes for a super interesting dinner because earlier, everyone wouldn’t stop making fun of the fact that her first girlfriend was coming over. Dinner went pretty well though if you consider Mariana reciting football facts to Logan after watching a crash course, Stef and Theresa reminiscing the good old days stealing cars together (just as friends, right?) and Jesus having another outburst.

Yes, Jesus had another explosion and this time in front of the new neighbors at dinner. They were all talking about Logan playing football when the neighbors asked if Jesus played – this led into a discussion about contact sports and the serious brain injuries that can result from them.

And all of a sudden, Jesus yells “you don’t have to play football to get hit in the head and screw up your whole life, right?” This makes things pretty awkward to watch…can’t imagine how awkward it must have been to sit there and witness it.

Lena Gets Jealous

Later in the evening, Dean and Theresa sit outside with Stef and Lena and discuss all of the possibilities there are for Jesus and him getting back to school. Things get pretty tense between Lena and Theresa as she starts to get jealous of her and Stef. With Theresa being able to sense the tension from Lena, they decide to call it a night and walk home.

Back in the kitchen, Stef and Lena get into a little argument over Tess and her advice about Jesus. You can see the stress and frustration in Lena’s eyes. I mean, she has a lot going on at work with the whole principal situation. But, she confesses her main concern is  Jesus and that he may be like this for the rest of his life.

“To be honest, Stef, sometimes I’m actually afraid of him.” If you thought that it was bad enough that Lena actually admits to that, just remember, Jesus heard the entire conversation. Who else can’t wait to see how this plays out next week?

In Other Family News

Drew suspends the ABCC Steam Club since no one confesses to the drone incident. He says if one more thing comes up with the school paper he is canceling prom as well. It is safe to say, no one really likes Mariana at the moment. So she decides to dig herself deeper and forge Lena’s signature and join the junior derby team.

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Is This The End Of Jesus & Emma?

Emma continues to slowly back away from Jesus and act even stranger. He can barely get two words from her if he’s lucky. She also never video chatted him like they planned or texted him back. Jesus’ life is such a mess with his TBI and now his only constant, Emma, doesn’t even want to be in his life anymore.

Jude and Noah’s relationship continues to progress and it is actually the cutest thing. But they decide to make a compromise that for a week Noah will give up smoking weed if Jude gives up playing his video game. That is, until Noah leaves and we see Jude whip out the game before bed…

And Grace and Brandon’s relationship takes a slight detour. Grace gets really insecure as to why Brandon won’t play music with her. She starts to worry that it’s because he just wants her for sex. But thank goodness, that isn’t the case. Brandon shows up to her house to serenade her with a beautiful song explaining the whole thing.

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See You Here Next Week

This is all going to play out so good next week, you guys. Make sure you tune in to Freeform next week at 8/7c to watch the next episode“Too Fast, Too Furious.” And as always, be sure to follow @PopHeartsTV on all social media! Let us know your thoughts on this week’s episode too by commenting below! See you all here next week!

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