“Guilt” S1 E6 Recap: A Simple Plan

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Well actually, it was a not so simple plan. Planting evidence, major revelations and finally an arrest for the murder of Molly Ryan all happened in this week’s episode of “Guilt.” 

GUILT - "A Simple Plan" - Crown prosecutor Gwendolyn puts the pressure on Luc to give up Grace, while Grace and Roz come up with a plan to plant evidence on a likely suspect, on an all-new episode of "Guilt," airing MONDAY, JULY 25 (9:00 - 10:00 p.m. EDT), on Freeform. (Freeform/Angus Young) CRISTIAN SOLIMENO, ZACHARY FALL

(Freeform/Angus Young)

This week on “Guilt” was extremely drama-filled.  We finally learn more about Prince Theo and that he was in fact was the father of Molly Ryan’s baby.  But does that mean he had something to do with the murder?  I’m not so convinced.  It seems as though Prince Theo had a real affection and love for Molly, regardless of how their situation began.  Even though he didn’t want her to keep their child, I don’t think he would have anything to do with harming her. He does try to wiggle his way out of waking up screaming her name by telling her fiance Molly was a dog that he loved and found brutally murdered…but she didn’t buy it!  So this narrative still has many questions and I have a feeling Theo’s fiance may get up to know good with her new information. 

One of the main focuses of the episode is the actually, not so simple, plan that Roz and Grace concoct to plant Molly’s phone in Finch’s car. This plan also brings about some revelations and major problems for the case. In order for this plan to work they needed an outsider to help get in Finch’s car.  They needed Natalie, which puts her as a prosecutor who is now planting evidence. While this plan was in motion Natalie also discovers that not only was Molly a prostitute at Scottland Yard, but her own sister, Grace, was as well.  She figured this out by a hard drive with Grace’s name on it, and when she watches I think for the first time she may be doubting her own sister and the involvement she had in Molly Ryan’s death.  

While Grace, Roz and Natalie are trying to get Finch, Bruno and Gwen are trying to get Luc. Luc is still in custody for his drug arrest and Gwen wastes no time trying to get him to throw Grace under the bus.  It is a big surprise when the person who actually gets him to do it is Bruno, who was called by Natalie to STOP this from happening. Bruno is able to get Luc to place Grace in the flat during the time of the murder, which gives them grounds to warrant for her arrest and also gets Bruno back on the case.  

The episode ends with an arrest finally being made for the murder of Molly Ryan, and Grace is taken into custody……..BUT, they also simultaneously get the first hits on Molly Ryan’s phone, which we all know is planted in Finch’s car. So another cliffhanger leaving us all way to excited for next week’s episode. With that being said Freeforms #whokilledmolly is still the big question and as the week’s go on we are getting closer to finding out. So make sure to tune in every Monday night on Freeform to join in on the mystery.  Comment your thoughts and theories below or tweet us @PopHeartsTV!

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