“Guilt” S1 E7 Recap: A Fall From Grace

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Prison and princes and prostitutes, oh my!  Just another average week on freeform’s “Guilt.”  Grace is looking guiltier than ever and time is running out.

GUILT - "A Fall from Grace" - Natalie doubts her sister's innocence for the first time on an all-new episode of "Guilt," airing MONDAY, AUGUST 1 (9:00 - 10:00 p.m. EDT), on Freeform. (Freeform/Angus Young) SAM CASSIDY

(Freeform/Angus Young)

With Grace in prison and even her own sister beginning to doubt her innocence, things are not looking good.  But lucky for her she still has some people digging and trying to come up with answers.  In this episode it seemed as though all roads point to Prince Theo.

The matchup that seems to be unstoppable in digging up dirt is Patrick Ryan and Kaley.  Last week we were left questioning her loyalty, but they in fact are working together still.  Kaley is able to go into The Courtenay and figure out the identity of client number 33, Prince Theo.  We later see her meeting up with Patrick and, hopefully, revealing what she learned!  We all know that Patrick is not going to stop until he reveals the truth.  Kaley isn’t the only one who’s seen or suspecting Theo of foul play.

Natalie pays a visit to our old friend, Neville, who if you remember the last time we saw him he was holding scissors to Grace’s neck.  Natalie originally went thinking he would reveal that he saw Grace commit the murder, but she is surprised to learn that Neville had seen Prince Theo standing over Molly’s body with a knife in his hand.  This does make it seem like he could be guilty, but Nevel never says he actually saw him stabbing her… So I’m still not convinced.  He may be involved, but I’m not sure he did the crime.

Grace is definitely struggling to her new place in prison, and thank goodness for Stan, because if it wasn’t for him I think she’d probably stay there forever.  Grace’s stepfather is wanting her to take a plea, her sister has moments of doubt but Stan never takes his eye off the prize…which is proving Grace’s innocence.  As of now Gwen and Bruno have no other suspects besides Grace, and Stan knows that to prove any sort of reasonable doubt this needs to change.  In the smartest and most manipulative way, Stan manages to get Roz to leak the information about Molly’s prositute involvement in The Courtenay.  With that information now out there, the prosectors have no choice but to follow this lead.

So after this episode here is my suspect list:

Grace- Can’t count her out, since she was at the place of the murder and doesn’t remember anything.  I still think this would be to obvious though.

James- Natalie and Grace’s stepfather seems like he has way to much to hide about his relationship with the russians and with Molly

Roz- Although there’s nothing super shady about her in regards to Molly at this point, it’s obvious she will do anything to save herself

Theo- will all roads pointing to him, I have to include him.  However, I’m not convinced it’s him.

Wildcards: Natalie, Theo’s fiance or Stan.

Who do you all think is guilty?  Make sure to comment below or tweet us @PopHeartsTV! And make sure you’re tuning in every Monday to see the newest episode of “Guilt.”


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