“Guilt” S1 E8 Recap: Eyes Wide Open

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Is Grace finally going to be proven innocent?  Is Prince Theo guilty? Right now it seems that way, but the way this show throws twists and turns, we have a feeling it’s not going to happen that smoothly.

Episode 8 of Freeform’s “Guilt” seemed to be a lot less stressful and focused on a couple people in particular.  Those people were Grace, Prince Theo and Detective Bruno.

It was evident in previous episodes that Charlotte, Prince Theo’s bride-to-be, was becoming very suspscious of her prince and his relationship with Molly Ryan.  She is very blunt in accusing him of murdering her and he is very diligent in saying that he did no such thing.  Is he lying?  It’s hard to say.  We truly believe he loved Molly, but with Neville witnessing him standing over her dead body and using Bruno to frame Grace it’s hard to write him off as the killer.  With that being said, his driver Phillip always seems to be around… did he have something to do with it?  Perhaps he thought he was helping Theo.  This is a new theory that could be possible.

GUILT - "Eyes Wide Open" - Realizing there are gaps in her memory, Grace agrees to undergo hypnosis at Stan's urging, on an all-new episode of "Guilt" airing MONDAY, AUGUST 8 (9:00 - 10:00 p.m. EDT), on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/Angus Young) BILLY ZANE

(Freeform/Angus Young)

In regards to Bruno, he is finally busted.  Not only did Phillip catch him framing the prince, but Natalie found out that he also planted Grace’s fingerprints.  Things are not looking good.  If he has been lying about all of this, what else could he possibly be lying about.  Could he be a suspect?  We’re not quite convinced, but hey that could be a twist no one saw coming.  We’re hoping that Bruno redeems himself by testifying against the Prince and helping Grace prove her innocence.

In the last couple episodes we saw a lot of Natalie doubting Grace’s story and Grace starting to doubt herself.  Stan decides to bring in a memory recovery specialist to hypnotize Grace and help her remember more about the night of the murder.  We see flashbacks of Molly flirting with Luc and Grace clearly being upset by it, even to the point where she wanted her dead.  What a relief it was when Grace remembered seeing another person above Molly’s body finally giving her the confirmation she needed to believe that she did not hurt her best friend.  At this point we’re convinced that Grace is innocent, but is hypnosis a reliable way to figure out if someone commit a murder during a black out?  That is up for discussion.

The season is dwindling down and there is still so much to discover.  While we have Theo looking guilty and Grace looking more innocent, we also have Patrick Ryan on a mission himself to take down Molly’s killer.  With different characters wanting to take the law and situation into their own hands, we have a feeling the last two episodes will have plenty of twists we didn’t see coming and action that will have us holding our breath.

Make sure you’re tuning in every Monday on Freeform to see the mystery unfold and figure out who really killed Molly Ryan. Comment your thoughts and theories below or tweets us @PopHeartsTV!

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