Interview: ABC Family’s “Monica the Medium” Premieres August 25

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Meet Monica Ten-Kate, she might seem like your regular 21-year old college student, as she tries to balance her friends, family, and relationships. However, there’s one thing that sets her apart among her peers, she can talk to the dead.

On her new show “Monica the Medium,” which premiers August 25th at 8 pm/7c on ABC Family, we follow Monica as she tries to live her life as a normal college student and engage in emotional stories while she speaks to the dead along the way. Monica tells Pop Hearts TV what her show is really about,

“It follows my life as a regular 21-year old girl, I’m in college, so studying for exams, taking classes, I’m hanging with my friends, family, or my roommates, but on top of that, it shows me connecting with spirits and doing spontaneous readings as well as doing the scheduled ones at my home office, so, it’s very fun, because there’s a mix of everything!”

In the first episode Monica and her roommates throw a back-to-school party and it all seems like your regular college party until Monica starts getting vibes from a guy at the part and does a spontaneous reading on him. She tell us just exactly how life is as a medium when you have these strange and unexpected encounters,

“It’s always fun, it’s always different, everyday is a new experience as far as the things that come through. Every reading stands out to me, there’s something special about every single one. On a day-to-day basis my medium life consists of readings at my home office, but then also, they pop in when I’m out and about whether I’m at my friends or I’m studying at the library, so just never know how many times it’s going to happen in a day.”

Monica tells us that the show is a great balance of what life of a young medium is really like as we see her to day-to-day things on top of talking to the dead and encourages us to watch the premiere to see for ourselves!

“I think people should give a chance, give it 2-3 episodes until you kind of make up your mind because it just gets better and better. Even if you’re not a believer, if you watch it and step out of your comfort zone, I think most would be surprised at how much they would enjoy it. I think it’s good to be open-minded and just watch something that you normally wouldn’t.”

Everyone at Pop Hearts TV is definitely tuning in and so should YOU! Make sure to watch, “Monica the Medium,” August 25th at 8 pm/7c only on ABC Family!



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