Interview: “Young and Hungry” actor, Gregg Sulkin

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Gregg Sulkin, you probably know him from MTV’s “Faking It,” but he is making his way back to Freeform to guest star on “Young & Hungry” airing tomorrow night, July 6!  In this interview with Gregg, we learn about what it’s like for him to come back to Freeform, his character, upcoming projects and which actors he’d love to work with!

(Freeform/Lisa Rose)

(Freeform/Lisa Rose)

So you had roles on “Pretty Little Liars and “Melissa & Joey” back when it was still ABC Family, what was it like coming back to Freeform to do “Young & Hungry?”

I love it, I’ve had a nice relationship with the network for awhile now.  I love the show I love everyone, I have the mentality of not going to set with an ego.  It’s more of a lets make whatever I’m doing as good as possible and make as many friends and have fun.  So hopefully that’s why they keep bringing me back. They’ve always been very nice to me and supportive.  

You’re playing the character of Rick, who is Sophia’s neighbor.  Can you tell me a little about the character?
Sure! I play Rick who lives upstairs from Gabi and Sophia and I’m an aspiring rock star who just moved from the UK and I have a band and I need another member.  So the girls complain about my music and then she (Sophia) comes to complain about me and when we meet she doesn’t expect that the terrible music is coming from, in her words, someone who looks like me.  So basically a friendship begins and we get some great comedy out of it.  And I’m looking for another band member and I potentially think she could be the one.

Would you say in real life you relate to this character?
I mean I’ve always wanted to be a rockstar!  I love music, I guess I don’t have a rockstar mentality but I do believe that rockstars have this big sense of confidence and I definitely have that… I think.

This cast has been together for a couple of years now, what was it like working with all of them, were they all very welcoming and was it a fun atmosphere on set?
Very, very welcoming!  The funny thing is I’ve known Emily (Osment) for a very long time and I went to visit her on set when they shot the pilot years ago and everyone was polite then but I came back years later and everyone was the exact same.  

I was actually going to bring up Emily, because you both did shows on Disney Channel (Gregg did “Wizards of Waverly Place” and Emily “Hannah Montana”), is that how you guys knew each other?
A friend of mine really liked her a long time ago and then when I moved to LA that guy from London that she knew was kind of a mutual friend and then we became friends ourselves.  Then I worked with Emily on a movie and then we became closer friends and now have been friends since!

So you guys go way back, that’s probably fun to go on a set with her then?
That’s why it was very easy for me to be on set, because she’s my friend.  It’s very easy.

Do you have any viewing plans for tomorrow night?
You know what, I just moved into a house, so no.  So it’s a little stressful and there’s other stuff I need to focus on.  I want to try and watch is so I can potentially live tweet with fans, but I can’t commit to that yet just because I don’t know what I’m doing.  

It seems like you have a lot of new stuff lined up, you started filming your new movie “Status Update” and you sold you pitch to MTV.  What can you tell the fans about your upcoming projects?
The movie I’m playing a real, real dick.  Which is a lot of fun for me.  I called my dad and I told him I’m doing a movie where I’m playing a dick and he said “Oh well that won’t be hard, just turn up to set. (laughs)”  So it’s been a lot of fun to dive into this real nasty character.  That sets great, it shoots in Canada and the director is Scott Speer who is excellent as well.  And then the MTV pitch is in development right now. I got into bed last night reading what we have so far and, i think, who knows what’s going to happen, but I’m really proud of what I’ve done and really proud of the concept itself.  I think there is SO much comedy that can come from it and also, I’d be playing a character who’s just come out of rehab and his life is basically in the dirt and he has to pick himself up again.  I think there is something fun there, and I think no matter whether you’re actually in rehab or not going through your 20s it’s all about improving and becoming a better person and I think the audience could relate to this character of him finding himself.  It’s funny too, it’s really dark (laughs), it’s really funny.

To end the interview I gave Gregg a little rapid fire, either or questions and here are his answers.

TV or Film? (This one was tough!)
Financially TV but creatively, film

Cookies or Cupcakes?

Drama or Comedy?

Cats or Dogs?

Breakfast or Dinner?

Rock n Roll or Country?
Rock n Roll

Coffee or Tea?

Now, final question, if you could work with any actor dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I’d love to work on set with Morgan Freeman, or Deniro.  Someone who has just been around so long!  Just to watch and stare at them (laughs) I could learn so much.  

Make sure to tune in tomorrow night Wednesday, July 6, on Freeform to see Gregg guest star as Rick on “Young & Hungry.”  And as always, let us know what you think of the show below or tweet us @PopHeartsTV!

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