Jake Miller Releases New Music Video “Can’t Help Myself”

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Jake Miller is back at it again, people! You won’t be able to help yourself when you see his new music video for his song, “Can’t Help Myself” off of his most recent album 2:00am in LA.

This action packed music video takes you to a whole other world. There’s war, destruction, and of course someone who needs saving. Jake’s character knows that going into the war would be dangerous, but he just can’t help himself when he sees a beautiful girl in distress all chained up.  He releases her from the chains and off the two of them go!

There is so much action in this music video that it’s almost like watching a mini action movie! It gets pretty intense and leaves you wanting more. I definitely finished watching the music video having more questions than answers. But who cares, because Jake and his character in the video was so edgy and rugged you just wanted more.

There’s a major plot twist at the end of the music video though, that you just need to watch and see for yourself.

Watch Jake Miller the “Can’t Help Myself” music video below to find out what happens with Jake and the attackers in war:

Jake continues to out do himself.  And that ending though, I did not see that coming. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go up and watch that music video or prepare for spoilers.  What a shock! Who knew that the girl in distress was just a trap? She was the ring leader all along! I definitely did not expect that.

All in all, the setting, the action, and the overall storyline of the music video is phenomenal and I’m SO glad Jake’s back at it! Yay Jake and Yay “Can’t Help Myself” music video.

So now tell me, can you help yourself?

For more on Jake Miller, follow his social media channels below and check out our last interview with him HERE.

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