Married At First Sight Season 4, Finale: ‘I Do’ … ‘I Don’t’

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‘I Do’ or ‘I Don’t’ THAT is the question. Six weeks ago six strangers said ‘I Do’ to a significant other they had just met! Six strangers made the biggest commitment of their lives when they said ‘I Do’ on season four of “Married At First Sight.” Now, those six weeks are up and some of the couples could turn their ‘I Do’s’ into ‘I Dont’s.’

We saw Derek and Heather throw in the towel two weeks in, and that was in large part Heather’s decision. This was also a “Married At First Sight” first! So, are Lily and Tom, and Nick and Sonia’s marriages going to stand the test of six-weeks time?


“Married At First Sight”/ Karolina Wojtasik

Tom and Lily said ‘I Do’ to each other during a tropical storm in Miami, which magically disappeared right before their vows. Over the past six weeks Tom and Lily have grown incredibly close both physically and emotionally. Their ups seem to outweigh their downs; however, it seems the cameras weren’t showing us what was happening behind closed doors. Lily says Tom has been pulling away from her since week four of their marriage. She believes Tom is pulling away due to their different lifestyles. Lily is a workaholic, Tom does the bare minimum when it comes to work. She is 24, he is 28. Lily wants children, Tom not so much. Tom tells his brother Brian, “A con of our marriage is that we don’t see eye to eye on our future.” So are these differences really enough to break this marriage up?

Lily is 100% confident of her decision, which is obviously to stay married, but she is deathly afraid Tom is leaning toward leaving the marriage. Tom tells Lily he is 85% confident in his decision and Lily thinks it’s complete bulls***! She gave Tom her heart as a gift to symbolize their marriage and Tom gave her a clock, because the past six weeks to him have been time well spent. The nervous tension and uncertainty between Lily and Tom is so strong it could break the TV screen. Lily reassures Tom she is 100% committed to the marriage and it’s clear Lily wants Tom ’til death to they part, but Tom keeps mum.


"Married At First Sight"/ Karolina Wojtasik

“Married At First Sight”/ Karolina Wojtasik

Nick and Sonia’s marriage hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. Actually it’s been one awkward, silence filled roller coaster ride. Nick has dinner with his friends Rich, Dave and Danielle for insight on his decision. Nick points out he was not emotionally or physically connected to Sonia until they started working on their friendship. Sonia on the other hand had an earful for her friends. Let’s just recap really quick what she told her girlfriends at dinner …

  • “Sometimes I cannot stand his face, then sometimes I’m like ‘aww, he’s cute.'”
  • “I don’t know if I have feelings for him.”
  • “My gut tells me to run.”

Sonia has multiple doubts about the marriage, but she decides to move back in with Nick for the last night of marriage.

Decision Time!

The couple each meet with the experts, they talk about the ups and downs, what they’ve learned from one another and finally their decision.

Nick tells Sonia he wants to stay married and Sonia tells Nick she too wants to stay married!!! #MINDBLOWN

Tom and Lily literally hold on to each other for dear life during their meeting with the experts. Lily tells Tom she would like to stay married. (CUE slow, solemn sounding music). Tom tells Lily his biggest concern is that if he is not happy, then he cannot make her happy. Tom wants to stay married!!!!!

Everyone can stop holding their breath now!

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