Will Heather and Derek stay married or get a divorce?

“Married At First Sight” Season 4, Episodes 5 and 6: I want a divorce.

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It’s the couple’s third week of marriage on Married At First Sight. Some of the couples, or should we say one of the couples, (cough, cough) Heather and Derek, can’t seem to find their happy places in one another. And to be quite frank, I am FED UP with Heather’s misery and Derek’s “poor me” attitude. So, is divorce in the future for Heather and Derek on Married At First Sight?

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Heather and Derek

When Heather and Derek returned from their honeymoon in Puerto Rico, Heather couldn’t even stand the sight of Derek. So much so  she told Pastor Cal she needed time alone, because she’s “emotionally exhausted” and needs to reevaluate their marriage.

Pastor Cal attempts to put Heather in her place and smack some reality into her. However, to no avail Heather takes the couple days to herself to figure out what we all see coming.

Pastor Cal: “Heather, do you want to stay married and work at this relationship or … get a divorce?”

Heather: “I want to get a divorce.”

And BOOM goes the dynamite! Heather gives her marriage less than 15 days to decide she wants a divorce. Even Kim Kardashian is pissed!!!

Now, we did say Derek had a “poor me” attitude, which he still does, but you do have to feel bad for the guy. He tells Pastor Cal that he wants to continue being married to Heather and work things out. Derek’s very serious about taking part in this radical social experiment. Clearly Heather is in it for 15 days of fame.

Sorry Derek, better luck next time. Heather, good luck, because you’re going to need it after the world saw how you treated Derek and acted like a brat!

Now onto happier couples…?!?!

"Married At First Sight"/ Karolina Wojtasik

Tom and Lilly

“Baby, baby, baby, OHHH!” Yep, Lilly and Tom are already talking about baby making, but it’s not what it sounds like. Tom reveals to Lilly that he has never seen himself having kids, nor does he really want to have kids. This rubs Lilly the wrong way and definitely causes some tension between the couple.

Lilly is only 24 and she’s worried about her fertileness … girl give me a break! The couple calls in Dr. Pepper Schwartz to discuss this little rough patch and Dr. Pepper pretty much tells Lilly to cool her jets.

Tom and Lilly give parenting a test run after meeting with Dr. Pepper by babysitting Lilly’s niece for the day. Tom totally crushes it at playing dad for the day. Lilly totally goes awol and disappears for a morning.

When she finally returns, Lilly storms into the house, ignores Tom and slams the bedroom door shut. Lilly’s little temper tantrum shows her age and immaturity. Tom tries getting through to her, but she completely shuts down and won’t communicate with him.

Once again, the couple calls in the experts and we find out Lilly has to get surgery on her shoulder from a past car accident she was in and that’s why she’s acting out. Now, surgery is serious and takes a toll on people emotionally, but seriously Lilly … was your toddler-like tantrum really necessary?

Tom and Lilly are the star couple of this season, but the more we see Lilly’s immaturity, the more PopHearts TV thinks Tom might want a divorce come week six!

Nick and Sonia

Oh Nick and Sonia, our painfully awkward yet weirdly lovable couple. This couple is making headway when it comes to establishing a friendship and working on not being so shy around one another. Where the couple is NOT making headway is in the bedroom and Sonia is NOT a happy camper.

She makes it known that they have not had sex, nor have they made any strides intimately. Nick is taking it really slow, like zero miles per hour slow. He tells Sonia he’s not in love with her during a really sweet moment in their hammock! WHO DOES THAT? She never once said she was falling in love with him or even mentions the ‘L’ word!

They call Dr. Pepper to further discuss their needs and desires from one another. Let’s just say they get nowhere fast. Luckily for Sonia, Nick’s mom and her boyfriend come over for dinner and she’s able to pick Nick’s mom’s brain about how to get through to Nick.

We find out Nick’s aunt, who he was very close to, was killed in a horrible boating accident in Key West and that really took a toll on Nick emotionally. Speaking of emotions, the relationship expert Rachel DeAlto calls in a Tantric therapist to get Nick and Sonia connected on a deeper, intimate level. BOW-CHICKA-BOWWOW!

If watching this doesn’t make you squirm in your seat I don’t know what will. It was like a bad movie you can’t take your eyes off of. Sonia gets so into it she says if Nick weren’t in the room, she’d probably switch teams for the female Tantric therapist! This is taking ‘MAFS’ to a whole new level, and I love it.

Will Nick and Sonia finally make it past home plate and start running the bases or will they ultimately decide to get a divorce? We will find out in the coming weeks on Married At First Sight.

As always, sound off and let me know your thoughts on this week’s Married At First Sight!

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