Meet The Team

Heather Joy Smith
Founder and Executive Producer

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Maddison Hill
Supervising Producer and On-Air Host

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Kristin Carole
Sr. Producer, On-Air Host and Writer

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Abby Vega
Writer and On-Air Host

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Addison O’Connor

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Allie Shields
Sr. Writer

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Andrea Gump

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Carrington Novo

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Cynthia Carrazco

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Dani Golub

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Daniel Jackson
Writer & Producer

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Haley Barnett

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Jason Ikeler
On-Air Host

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Joeyy Dato
Writer/Social Media Asst.

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Kylie Hodges
After Hours Host

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Lindsey Prince
Writer and Publicist

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Madison Conklin
Writer and On-Air Host

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Michelle Phi

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Ray Vez
Associate Producer

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Sam Davidson

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Sarah London
After Hours Host

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Tamara Satamian

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Yoli Giron
Writer and On-Air Host

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