“Married At First Sight” Season 4, Episode 10: I Got It From My Mom-a!

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Tom and Lily

It’s mom time! Tom’s mom and Lily’s mom visiting for Mother’s day. Lily’s mom is rather quiet, but Tom’s mom on the other hand is a firecracker. She tells it like it is. But let’s backtrack, the episode opens with Lily on her phone clearly upset and in true sweetheart fashion Tom rushes to her side, snuggles up next to her and asks, “What’s wrong.” Lily tells Tom it’s her father’s birthday, and we know her father up and left the family when she was a teenage. Lily is really struggling with the fact that she hasn’t spoke to her father in years. Tom’s father was also not present during his life, so this is a heartfelt issue they relate closely to. Lily’s willingness to be vulnerable around Tom is a problem they face on a constant basis, and this episode shows Lily 100% vulnerable around Tom, so it’s got PopHearts TV feeling all the feels. Coincidentally, Lily’s absentee father’s birthday falls right around Mother’s Day.

Tom, Lily and their moms go on a Mother’s Day picnic and talk to each other’s moms one-on-one. Lily learns from Tom’s mom, Marlene, that Tom is very needy when it comes to attention. She reveals he needs constant attention and hates to be ignored. Marlene says Tom is a player. No, not THAT kind of player. He is a player in the sense that he loves to be outside and play, and no, not like a child in a sandbox. Tom works when he needs to work and when he leaves work he doesn’t look back. On the other hand, Lily is a workaholic and this is obviously causing a huge rift in their relationship. Like Tom said in last week’s episode Lily’s lack of attention and being present is really aggravating to him. He’s worried her workhorse attitude will persist and be a lifelong problem which will jeopardize their marriage. HOWEVER, during Tom’s picnic meeting with Lily’s mom he asks for Lily’s hand in marriage. Is this a hint they will NOT get a divorce? We think YES!

Heather and Derek

Pastor Cal assigns both Heather and Derek to “Naked Truth” sessions. The naked truth sessions allow Heather and Derek’s closest friends to give constructive criticism about them. To our surprise, Derek invited his ex-girlfriend, who he dated for a year and a half, out for drinks to help with is naked truth session. Christine, the ex, reveals Derek has a really bad temper, which we got a glimpse of during their honeymoon, and needs to work on patience.

Heather invites her friend Amber over and let’s just say Amber is REAL, like really real. She goes in on Heather and really let’s her have it, which we totally think there was some deep seeded anger behind it … just sayin’. Amber tells Heather she is over analytical, harsh, comes off as pretentious, reserved, and unwilling to meet new people. To that Heather says, “I’m like a pineapple, tough looking on the outside, but when you peel that outer layer back, I’m really sweet.”


Nick and Sonia

The battle of Sonia moving back in continues, and to be quite honest, it’s getting old. Nick’s confused about how to move forward with their relationship if Sonia is not willing to move back in. Don’t forget it’s week five, so there is only ONE WEEK left of their marriage, and we never thought we’d say this but Nick makes a great point when saying, “Someone that says they are in this wholeheartedly, but won’t move back in shows they aren’t trying wholeheartedly.” Nick and Sonia Skype with Dr. Pepper who even points out Sonia not moving back is jeopardizing their marriage. She suggest Sonia move back in ASAP in order to move their friendship and marriage in the right direction. Sonia gives some lame excuse as to why she won’t move back in, but we know it means they’re doomed for the big D. It’s back to the drawing board for these “friends.”

Nick takes Sonia to the driving range to build their relationship and we’ve got to hand it to Sonia she’s a good scratch golfer. Sonia’s dad visits her and Nick and says the easiest way to make a marriage work is to “just talk. UMMM… do you know Sonia and Nick? Their talking is like pulling teeth out. It’s painful, long and awkward. Honestly, crickets talk more than Nick and Sonia talk. It does seem like Nick is trying a lot harder than he was during the first three weeks of marriage and he tells us their relationship means a lot to him. Sonia on the other hand seems to be pulling away from Nick and points out the lack of trust between them is standing in the way of them moving back in together.

Survey says… Nick and Sonia headed for Divorce? DING, DING, DING!

Obviously PopHearts TV won’t find out for a few more weeks when the whole world does, but let these predictions be known. Next week moves us into the final week of our couples’ marriages. Tom and Lily begin to fight more, Nick pushes for Sonia to move back in and Derek and heather, well who cares? Stay tuned to PopHearts TV to find out what happens next on “Married At First Sight.”

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