A New Villian Arrives in the Fall Finale of Once Upon A Time!

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Be careful what you wish for on this week’s OUAT Fall Finale! 


You really don’t want to piss off the Evil Queen.  When Regina, Emma and Hook come across the Evil Queen lurking near Robin’s grave, it sets Regina off.  But Emma stops her only to have the Evil Queen taunt Emma’s parents’ current situation, “is it Sleeping Beauty or Sleeping Daddy?”  Emma lungs at the Evil Queen, scratching her cheek.  But amazingly there’s no mark on Regina!  The Evil Queen purple smokes away and the heroes now know that they can kill the Evil Queen.

Adding insult to injury (literally) Rumple comes across the bleeding Queen and informs her that once he finds his son, he’s going to kill her.  Then he cuffs her with a tracking device.   Needless to say, she’s now non-too pleased, so she captures Jasmine, steals the lamp and uses her first wish on Emma.  She wishes that Emma gets her wish, that she was never the Savior.  Suddenly Emma disappears as the rest of the heroes and the Evil Queen are left standing in Granny’s Diner.


Emma is sent into an alternate universe where she is no longer the Savior, everything about Storybrooke is a dream to her.  Snow and Charming are the reigning King and Queen, Henry is a prince about to be knighted and the Evil Queen has been banished.

Even though everything about this land is fake, I thought for a minute Emma might want to stay here anyways because it is a perfect life.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina figures out that since her and the Evil Queen are technically the same person, she also has control of the lamp.  So she finds the Evil Queen and Genie Aladdin and wishes for him to send her to the same place as Emma Swan.

But when Regina arrives, not only does she catch Emma humming ‘Once Upon a Dream’, but she also finds Emma doesn’t remember their friendship…and neither do Snow and Charming who try to shoot her with a bow and arrow (thinking she’s the Evil Queen).  Regina looks for answers elsewhere and comes across a trapped Alternate Reality Rumple, or as I like to call him Gollum Rumple (come on he even said “my most precious of curses”!).  So Gollum Rumple and Regina strike a deal.  Rumple informs her that Emma will remember her real life if Regina can make her a savior by becoming a villain.  He also trades her a magic bean for his freedom.  She agrees.

Meanwhile, Henry is about to be knighted, when Regina, posing as the Evil Queen, threatens the lives of Snow and Charming, telling Alt Emma that she needs to find a hero to stop her.  Regina purple smokes herself, Snow and Charming to another location.  Emma finds them and Regina is excited that it may have worked…but this Emma is weak and only offers the key to the kingdom for sparing her parents’ lives.  Regina takes drastic measures and grabs the hearts of Alt Snow and Charming.  She squeezes as Emma cries.  She squeezes too hard and kills Alt Snow and Charming.  Emma is devastated and Regina doesn’t understand what happened to Emma.

Henry comes in and lets Emma know he will be the hero and avenge his grandparents’ deaths.  Regina can’t fight even the alternate reality Henry, so she closes her eyes as Henry is about to kill her.  Thankfully Emma “wakes up” and stops Henry, getting back her powers and memories.

The ladies go to meet Gollum Rumple to get the magic bean.  They open the portal to Storybrooke…but suddenly a familiar voice: it’s Robin!  Robin is alive in this reality!  Regina stares at her lost love and the portal closes.


Meanwhile, Rumple figures out a way to find out where Blue has taken his son.  He has a magical globe (because of course he does) and takes his hair and Belle’s hair (from a brush she had at his place) and puts it on the globe.  But nothing happens.

Rumple goes to tell Belle of his findings…he asks that Belle call the convent just to check.  She does and it turns out Blue had an accident.  The Black Fairy stole baby RumpBelle!  Talk about an Evil Mother-In-Law!


David comes up with a plan to get the lamp from The Evil Queen…very Aladdin-movie-esque.  He calls The Evil Queen a snake and gets her away from the lamp long enough to sneak up and grab it.  David tries to be clever…tries being the key word.  And he wishes for the Evil Queen to get everything she deserves.  But nothing happens and she strangles him.  Thankfully for David, Hook and Jasmine arrive just in time to stop the Queen and get back the lamp.  Jasmine and Hook disappear to Agrahbah as David and Hook wait for Emma and Regina to come back.

But when they do arrive, they won’t be greeted too well.  A hooded figure arrives in Storybrooke, turns the Evil Queen into a snake and heads for Gold’s shop.  The hooded figure reveals himself to be Rumple and Belle’s son, all grown up and looking to kill a certain Savior.

Let me know in the comments and via Twitter (@kristincarole13) what you thought of this week’s Fall Finale episode!  Will Rumple and Belle be able to stop grown up baby RumpBelle?  Will Regina bring back alternate reality Robin?  Until next time Oncers!


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