“Pretty Little Liars” S7 E17 Recap: Driving Miss Crazy

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Tonight on Pretty Little Liars’ Driving Miss Crazy, tensions run high when Spencer begins getting questioned more intently by Detective Furey about Archer’s murder.

Caleb tells Mrs. Marin that he wishes to marry her daughter. The two seem to have what looks like a makeshift wedding in the woods.

Aria continues to be bullied by A.D. into torturing her friends. Not only has she demolished Ali and Emily’s baby nursery; but now she has continued her work by leaking some serious information about Spencer’s dad. She was rewarded for her good work by receiving her puzzle piece.


It was discovered that Mr. Hastings may have more more to do with Mrs. D’s death than the family had originally thought; causing Mrs. Hastings to forfeit her job in Harrisburg.

Mona and Emily team up to try to discover who Ali’s ‘baby daddy’ is. However, Mona begins to act a little strange and is shown in the last few minutes to be researching The End Game in her apartment.

Could she be helping A? Is she trying to protect herself and the liars from being taken down for murder? Will Aria continue to work for A?

Be sure to tune in next week to finally get all our questions answered

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