NBC’s Hairspray LIVE!

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When the movie “Hairspray” came out in 2007, I remember dragging my parents to the theatre to watch it on opening night. I mean, it was Zac Efron being Link Larkin how can you NOT?  Well, when I found out the NBC was putting on “Hairspray LIVE!” I was beyond ecstatic!

This past Wednesday, December 7th, NBC put on “Hairspray LIVE!” with an amazing star-studded cast! Garrett Clayton (from Teen Beach  Movie), Dove Cameron (from Liv and Maddie), Derek Hough (from Dancing with the Stars), Jennifer Hudson (from American Idol), and Ariana Grande (from Victorious) all in one insane production of my favorite musical! You know I just had to watch it!

However, if you missed it, let me just tell you about the stand out parts!

The Opening Song – Good Morning Baltimore

Well, it was obviously not morning, but break out star Maddie Baillio really knew how to open the show! Unfortunately she seemed to suffer from mic problems, but the girl just kept pushing through! So kuddos to you Maddie!

Derek Hough, Garrett Clayton, and Dove Cameron Dancing

As soon as these three hit the stage I was SCREAMING! Three of my favorite stars individually, but putting them together for this dance number was absolutely spectacular! And let me just say, Derek Hough is literally the love of my life. Low key want to get famous so he can be my dance partner on DWTS.  And, did anyone else notice Garrett throwing something, or was that just me?

Garrett Clayton’s Mini Mannequin Challenge

I literally had my eye on Garrett this entire time (sorry, Maddie) because I wanted to see if he would crack! That boy did not crack once! Also, he literally looks like a Ken Barbie Doll, does he not? Awh Garrett, you bring back all the feels!

It Takes Two Performance

Can we please just take a moment because Garrett isn’t even attempting to look like he’s playing guitar!? Nonetheless, this performance was CRAZY! I was so glad Garrett got a solo song and this one was perfect for him.  He moved his hips like no other! And honestly, Tracie Turnblad is literally ever fan girl EVER in this performance!

Dove Cameron as Amber

I just have to say this: Dove is scary good at playing a mean girl for someone who is seriously so genuinely sweet and kind in reality! It just proves how amazing of an actress she is! And speaking of …

Dove and Kristen Chenoweth Reuniting as Mother and Daughter

Literally, these two are just the perfect pair. From “Disney’s Descendants” to this, these two really work as a great team.  Even if they did play the mean girls, I still can’t stop loving them especially when they’re put together like this!

Ariana Grande as Penny

Ariana Grande is literally so perfect for these adorably awkward roles. From Cat to Penny, she really kills it each time! And her awkward little dance moves are just so precious look at her! I swear, this is what I look like when I’m dancing and trying to impress someone. And Seaweed played by Ephraim Sykes was just amazing!

Run and Tell That

The Run and Tell That performance was probably one of my favorite dance numbers! Ephraim really ran and danced and sang and still had time to make Ariana Grande swoon! I was tired from just watching him, I can’t even imagine how he felt after that performance! And the chemistry between these two was electrifying!

Jennifer Hudson’s Vocals

Her soulful voice gives me goosebumps. There’s not much else I can say. It’s Jennifer Hudson – that pretty much sums it up!

Without Love

Now this song is my number one favorite song of the entire movie. So obviously, it was also the most anticipated number for me. Let me tell you it did not disappoint! Garrett’s dance moves really just got me! And the scene between Ariana and Ephraim had me freaking out! And wait, I just have to add …

That Dramatic Roll Over the Bed

Hairspray Outfits

Okay so I know the movie is called “Hairspay LIVE” but those hairspray bottle costumes they were wearing in this number was a bit much for me. Still, Dove is the cutest little thing and absolutely slayed!

You Can’t Stop the Beat

When this song started playing, it was a bittersweet moment for me (and probably the cast). Hairspray LIVE was coming to a very successful close! I was so proud of everyone for getting through the entire production, but I was just so sad to see it end. I just want to re-live it over and over again!

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