“Recovery Road” Recap: Heaven Backwards

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This week’s episode of Recovery Road was “crazy” just like Kyla Pratt said it would be! You can check out our interview with her here! In episode six we see many surprises that just leave us wanting more. We see good intensions gone wrong, bonds in the making, secrets coming out and some snoopying around. It’s too bad we have to wait until next Monday, but for now we can just talk about what happened! Lets get to it.

(Freeform/Gilles Mingasson)

(Freeform/Gilles Mingasson)

Last week we left off with Trish in tears because her daughter is missing. I must admit that the whole week I wondered who would take her? Did the little girl run away? Isn’t she supposed to be with her grandma? Episode six starts off in real time. Trish is crying and saying (she) took her. “She” turns out to be Trish’s mother. Apparently Trish had gone over to her home to tell her mother about her new job and she noticed the house was empty and the phone number was disconnected. We learn that grandma only has physical custody, which doesn’t give her the right to take her granddaughter out of the county.

When the cops and detectives show up Trish does not react too well. She feels that their questions have noting to do with finding her daughter Nevaeh. At this point the detectives ask for a picture of Nevaeh and Maddies offers to go find one in their room. Maddie ends up finding a Xanax under the bed. If we go back some days, that pill came out of Maddies unicorn figurine that Trish accidently broke. Whooo for a second I thought Maddie was going to take it. Instead, she gives it to Trish, not that it makes it any better, but I mean Maddie tells her it will help her calm down and be string for her daughter, and that’s a good thing right?

Trish stops crying and begins being more cooperative with the detectives. Even though one would wonder if the pill affected Trish negatively because she starts talking a little weird and stares off a little. Trish begins to express to the detectives that her mom probably can’t take the fact that Trish might have more visiting privileges since she has begun to turn her life around. She also says that her mother turned religious and she’s part of Path of Life Fellowship? OMG I thought the detectives were going to call her out for talking gibberish, however when they detectives speak to Craig in private he tells them that Path of Life Fellowship is resistant to law enforcement and both California and Nevada authorities have had a hard time getting children out of there. Oh what a heart break this will be for Trish right? We will check up on her a little later.

Lets talk Wes and Asa now. Asa also appeared at the end of episode five and we found out he’s Wes’ brother. When the detectives arrived at the house Wes hides his brother in the basement. As if that wasn’t chaos, Craig finds them both in the basement but agrees for Asa to stay there until the cops leave. When Maddie finally goes down there to try to talk to Wes, Asa begins to tease and calls her Wes’s girlfriend. Asa tells her that she is down on him because she’s jealous of Harper. Maddie tells him that she’s down on him because she knows that he and Harper set Wes up so Diesel can get his money. Asa calls Maddie a slut and bam! Wes swings at Asa and a fight breaks out, then a gun flies out of Asa’s pants.!! OH-EM-GEE, this just got real! All three look down at the gun and luckily Wes gets it before Asa does. Wes sends Maddie upstairs because Wes wants to make amends with his brother. Wes apologizes to Asa for melting his Steve Austin action figure when they were kids. Asa tells him that that’s not what’s between their relationship, it’s the fact that Wes always thought he was better then Asa and their mother. Hmmm I’m going to say that that’s probably not it either, Wes’ secret is that Asa gave him Meth for the first time, and yet Wes forgives Asa for that.

As you recall in the previous episode Charlotte, Maddie’s mom isn’t thrilled with the idea that Cynthia will be Maddie’s sponsor. She sits down with Margarita to express her concerns. She also expresses her concern about Maddie’s relationship with Wes. Which leads me to wonder what Charlotte has up her sleeve when she offers Wes a job. Any thoughts?

Another gasp moment in the episode is when Ellie calls Rebecca and asks her about Maddie. Rebecca’s pause makes us wonder if she is about to tell Ellie that Maddie is actually her housemate in a sober house! Whew, Becca acts as she knows nothing. Awe Becca has Maddies back, yet again! Well let me tell you one more thing, Becca is actually pretty close to giving Maddie a heads up about that call, but Wes walks into the kitchen and Becca makes up a little lie about a wrong number. Boo, boys suck! Can a possible old new bond between “Madecca” come back? Yes I made my own “ship” nickname for the two — on a friend level of course.

Another possible bond in the making is Craig and Cynthia. We don’t doubt Cynthia’s genuine concern for all the members in the house. But, her cancelling her plans to stay and help Craig make me think otherwise. Especially after their hands touched in the kitchen and the fact that her fiancé isn’t really a big fan of all her commitment with students and everything thatt goes on in the sober house. Guess we will see what interaction Craig and Cynthia have next!

All right all right, lets get back to our lovable Trish. Oh jk first its confession time. Yup, Maddie tells Craig what she did. Only she explains that she didn’t give Trish the actual Xanax, it was an anti-acid pill. Trish didn’t thave time to see the difference since both pills were blue, but that made no difference to Craig, He was upset and tells Maddie that she will be tested because the Xanax is hers. The cops finally leave and Maddie encourages Trish to take a bath and relax.

While Trish is upstairs, Maddie starts examining the picture of Nevaeh a little closer. She realizes that the picture was taken at Disneyland, next to a ride that has a total different name now. Maddie goes upstairs to check on Trish and Trish starts talking about how she is positive they will find her daughter, and when they do, she will tattoo Nevaeh’s face on her thigh right under the tattoo of her name. When Trish shows Maddie her tattoo, there is nothing there. I mean like no name, just a birthmark. Maddie walks away and lets Cynthia and Craig know her concerns. She says that how can someone who loves their daughter so much, have only one picture? Also, the reason that the little girl looks so much like Trish, is because it is Trish. Maddie wonders if Trish has illusions. This would explain why Trish had a hard time giving the cops a description of Nevaeh, right? Well when Craig tries to talk to Trish, she quickly defends herself in saying that her daughter does exist, and when the cops find her, they will all meet her.

“Heaven Backwards” ends with Wes hiding the gun in the basement behind a hung car door.

Thought? Comments? Concerns? I have many, so check back with us next week so we can get some answers!

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