“Recovery Road” Recap: My Loose Thread

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Everyone has a past and a story on how they got there, right? In this weeks episode we find out what happened the last time Wes was sober for six months and how he fell out of it. This episode featured new beginnings and saddness for Trish, drama between Cynthia and Charlotte and a shocking ending! So lets get to it!

Lets get right into our lovable spunky Trish. As you recall, Trish has a daughter whom she is trying to get custody of. She needs a lawyer but to pay for the lawyer she needs money. In the previous episode her housemate Margarita offers her a job at her restaurant. Well in this episode Trish starts her first day! I can only imagine how perky she will be with the costumers and what a great waitress she will be! Boy was I wrong. But shoot who am I to call her out on her performance? That’s Margarita’s job, and that she did! She actually kicks out Trish for her bad service with the costumers. Sweet Trish runs out of the restaurant crying. Later in the episode Margaritas son and husband approach her and ask her why she yelled at Trish the way she did. Margarita gets really defensive and says that Trish embarrassed her an that she did everything wrong. Her husband calls her out on the fact that Maragrita didn’t even tell Trish what she was dong wrong, Her son steps in and pretty much says that she was given a second chance so why cant Trish get one? I think we can all agree on this one, I mean hello, Margarita stabbed her husband and he is still by her side. Well I believe in happy endings and that is exactly what happened. Margarita goes back to the house, apologizes to Trish and even asks het to come back.

Okay lets switch it up and talk about the adults I promise its good! First lets touch base with Maddie and Cynthia. We find them in Cynthia’s office where Maddie is going on about how her friends are at the beach and she is stuck indoors. Cynthia asks her if she has found her mentor to begin her 12 steps of A.A. Surprisingly she asks Cynthia. Yea I mean it’s the easiest choice, since Maddie rides to school with her everyday and Cynthia makes visits at the house, but is the easiest always the best choice? Mama Charlotte certainly doesn’t think so. At first she’s not so sure what to think of Cynthia being her daughters sponsor, but after knowing the responsibilities of a sponsor she’s totally against it. Charlotte isn’t okay with the fact that Maddie will be sharing personal things with Cynthia. Charlotte believes that Maddie should be talking to her, if she needs advise or has a problem. Could this be jealousy? Or is it possible that Charlotte is scared that Maddie will say too much? But what is too much? Is Charlotte hiding something? Well Cynthia talks to Maddie and lets her know that her mom is not okay with her as a sponsor, Maddie agrees for Cynthia to be her “intern” sponsor “(UNITL)” Maddie can find another one. Yes I put a lot of emphases on until, because it sure sounded like “permanent” to me. Especially with the fact that Cynthia said they shouldn’t tell Charlotte for a while?

On a more relaxed note, Maddie and Wes spent a day together. Wes shared a little bit about the six months he was sober. He tells Maddie that during those six months he was able to stay sober because he occupied himself by building model planes and flying them, and he actually had a good job as a contractor, but due to his history he will never work there again. Hmmm obviously I thought okay he probably got in contact with drugs or alcohol again. Wouldn’t you assume that too? Throughout their outing Wes talks about his grandma with Maddie and tells her how he lived with her. Maddie encourages him to go visit her at the nursing home that she is staying at.

(Freeform/Kelsey McNeal)

(Freeform/Kelsey McNeal)

When they arrive they find Wes’ grandma arguing with the receptionist because they wont let her go to her friends funeral. Maddie and Wes come up with a plan to sneak her out so she can attend. While at the funeral we find out what happened when Wes fell out of those six months of sobriety. Turns out he saw his grandmas pain medication in the fridge, He felt they were talking back to him. He figured he was okay, he had been sober for six months and nothing would happen, he took one pill which then lead him to start shooting up again, which you can conclude the rest. Lost his job and all he had worked for. FYI his 6 months of sobriety is coming up again. Fingers crossed that we don’t see the same pattern.

Oh yes, before we come to an end lets talk about Nyla and Ellie, Maddies friends. Hungover to the max they recap Zack’s birthday bash. They slowly start to remember what went on and then bam! Ellie remember that’s Maddie had water in her cup. Though Nyla thinks nothing is wrong woith her best friend, Ellie thinks quite the opposite. Will they find out Maddie’s double life?

The episode ends with drama of course! I mean they gotta leave us wanting more!!! So remember that mysterious character from the previous episode? The one who was standing outside the sober house with a lit paper? Well meet Asa, the drug dealer who pushed and hit Wes when they tried to help out his Ex-Harper. Not only is he a dealer but he’s also Wes’ brother. Yup, how mean right? Well while the brothers talk about their grandma and about who has power of attorney, Trish barges in crying that her daughter is missing. Just as Trish is on cloud nine with her new job, lightening strikes, poor thing! Make sure to drop by next week, so we can get all our questions answered.

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