“Recovery Road” Recap: Sick As Our Secrets

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Omg!!! Thee best beginning in this season so far!!!! I think we can all agree how cute of a couple Wes and Maddie would be, as well as Craig and Cynthia right?? Alright alright, I’m making my own conclusions. But how can I not, when episode 7 has hook ups and break ups and meet ups (insert happy face than sad than happy again) So lets get into the good stuff!

Kisses on kisses on kisses is how episode 7 started off Monday night. Wes finally kissed Maddie and Craig kissed Cynthia. As if we didn’t see that coming? Ill be honest and say that I was hoping for more as the episode went on, but I mean that’s pretty much what happened with the four. Other than Maddie and Wes being a little awkward the next day and Craig confessing to Cynthia how he really feels, we can put a pause on that until the next episode. STILL very happy that they kissed though!

So you all remember how Charlotte, Maddie’s mom offered Wes a job right? I had made an assumption that she was up to something, and I was right. On Wes’ first day at work Charlotte asks Wes about how Maddie’s doing and all. Wes casually mentions that Cynthia is Maddie’s sponsor. Chrloote expresses her concern about that duo. Wes encourages Charlotte to attend (ALIANS). A group where family and friends of alcoholics can go too to learn about why they make the choices they decide to make. Charlotte feels offended because Wes pretty much calls her out on taking Maddie out to “dinner” and to remind you that was code for Zack’s surprise birthday party. She signs off a check thanks him for his time, and when we think Wes has been dismissed, Charlotte actually shows up to the group. She even meets this gentleman Alan, who actually seems really sweet! New love interest? Hope so! She needs some distraction in her life! On another positive note, she apologizes to Wes.

(Freeform/Greg Gayne)

(Freeform/Greg Gayne)

Okay so by this time you all know Maddie is living a double life that her friends including her boyfriend know nothing about. Except for Ellie who has been questioning some of Maddie’s actions. Well in tonight’s episode Ellie actually went to the sober house and tries to get the truth out of Maddie. Maddie makes up lies as to why she’s there and then finally tells her the truth but not the whole truth cos she kicks Ellie out before saying too much. While Maddie doesn’t believe her friendship to be true with Ellie, she sticks around and waits for Maddie to talk to her. To our surprise Ellie has a connection with Maddie’s story because we learn that she lost her uncle Jonah to drug abuse. Even though Ellie promised Maddie she wouldn’t say anything and that she would give her time until she is ready to tell the rest of their friends, Ellie decides to tell Nya. What a back stabbing witch right?! Wrong. I have to agree with Ellie’s decision to tell Nya. Maddie needs her friends more than anything and Ellie can’t help her alone. She’s afraid to lose Maddie, so she calls for back up

Hold up though, this is thigh school teen drama we are talking about, it can’t end on a soft note. By this time Zack has made assumptions that Maddie is cheating on him. He confronts Nya and after some hesitation, she tells him the truth. Zack goes to visit Maddie and she comes clean (kinda). I mean she told Zack no more secrets and um hello, did she forget that she kissed Wes? Anyways Zack being the sweet boyfriend asks if he can meet her friends and see the house, and “honest” Maddie tells him that there is a strict curfew rule: No guests after 5 o’clock. Pshhh come on even me as a Latina with hard-core Mexican parents has a later curfew! Well, perfect timing. Craig, Wes and Vern arrive from their boys lunch out and Craig invites everyone inside. Oops Maddie gets caught in a lie again. To cut it short… well Zack cut the relationship.

So make sure to tune in next week so we can see what happens with breakups, hook ups and new friendships. As always make sure to follow @PopHeartsTV on all social media to stay connected.

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