“Recovery Road” Recap: The Weaklings

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“Recovery Road” episode The Weaklings brings back some characters whom we haven’t seen, we get the usual flash backs but answers along with them. Episode eight also brought some members together but also pulled some apart. Lets get started yea?

At the beginning of episode eight we see a dry funny Maddie. Her mom is asking her to go to Becca’s sister graduation. Although Maddie was giving her mom a hard time, it was nice to see her act like a regular teen. On the way to the party, Maddie tells her mom about her break up with Zack and the fact that her friends know that she lives in a sober house. Charlotte is surprised and a little upset that Maddie didn’t confide in her. Okay mama Char your daughter is a teen going through a lot, and is way too cool to talk to you, so you cant expect her to open up. Anyways we can all agree that Char wants to build a relationship with Maddie, so we cant blame her too much. When they arrive at the party charlotte asks Maddie to have her back and at least try to be happy. Oh well Maddie sure did a great job! She should be an actress (insert smirking emoji). It was actually pretty funny. Lets pause here and go back to the sober house.

(Freeform/Kelsey McNeal)

(Freeform/Kelsey McNeal)

Harper is back! Yay or nay? I instantly thought, noooooo but #Maddes just kissed! Go away go away!!!! Well Harper claimed to be sober and sounded pretty convincing that she wants to stay clean. Wes however is not buying it since she has said that in the past. Moving forward—→ Harper paid this visit to tell Wes that the night at the pharmacy someone got shot. Even though Asa told Wes that no one was shot. Turns out Diesel shot the pharmacist and made Asa frame Wes! Quick reminder? The night that Trish’s daughter went missing, Asa went to the sober house to tell Wes that their mom was sick. Well that was a sad lie, it was all a set up for Asa to get Wes to speak to him and eventually frame him since he held on to the gun (behind hanging car door in the garage) that was used to shoot the pharmacist. Poor Wes was so hurt. Harper made sure Wes still had the gun so they can hide it somewhere. Guess where they buried it? In the same whole as Asa’s action figure that Wes melted. Wes assured Harper that Asa would not remember this place. Okay all done right? They can now go their own way? Nope, they kissed. Yup, true story, Wes and Harper kiss! Nooooo no again! Well luckily Wes has his head on straight. Harper tells him that she wants to stay clean but she can’t do a sober house. She tells him that she has a friend in Austin and asks Wes to go with her. Wes proudly tells her that the people in the sober house are his family, and he needs it. They hug and Harper walks away! Bye Felicia!

Are you ready to party now? Well for Rebecca’s parents it was quite the celebration, but for Becca’s is was actually quite sad. Her first encounter was with her third grade teacher who she hadn’t seen since than. Mrs. G. compliments her on what a wonderful young woman she turned out to be. On the other hand she starts talking about what a waste her sister Heather turned out to be, since she started using drugs. Becca quickly confesses that Heather is doing fine and that she is the one who turned to drugs. Mrs. G, tries to apologize but Becca hits her with a good come back! She messes with her head and tells her that she had nothing to do with her behavior. Her teachings had nothing to do with her outcome! LOL good one! Poor Mrs. G is left with a pondering look on her face.

Another one on one during the party was Maddie and Becca’s mom. She apologizes for Beccaa’s behavior and for Becca disappointing Maddie since Maddie was the only one who was really there for her. Awkwardly she even tells her that she saw Maddie as one of her own. Through Maddies facial expressions we can feel that she is nervous and a bit sad and doesn’t know what to say. Once she gets through that talk, she goes over to Becca to try to talk to her but Becca shines her off.

Are you guys ready for papa’s great speech about the graduate? Let the steam begin! He calls her the perfect daughter and makes a comment on how some apples fall closer to the tree than others. He said he and his wife did do some thing right like having love and showing support to all their children in all they do. Maddie interrupts and says “except for Rebecca”. She calls him and the family out on how they have not been there for Becca. How she has been trying to turn her life around without the help or support from her family. Maddie tells all that she lives in a sober house with Becca, shocking right? Although Maddie admits to turning her back on Becca, she assures that none of Becca’s family deserves her because she is a great person and she cares for others. Beccas dad asks Charlotte is she is going to step in and she says no! She has her daughters back just like she said she always has. Both Char and Maddie leave.

In the car they are laughing at what just happened and Char tells Maddie how proud she is of her. Maddie apologizes for all that she has put her through. At this point Chalotte goes back to the flashback from earlier where Mddie didn’t come till 7am (episode 1). This is where we find out that Charlotte smelled the alcohol in Maddie’s water bottle. She’s the one that called Cynthia and asked her to check her locker and asked her for help. Back in real time, Maddie recognizes that her mom had her back just like she said she would. The conversation turns into Charlotte telling Maddie that she is seeing someone. Someone she just met at the program. Could she be talking about Alan? Or was Charlotte about to tell Maddie the truth about her asking Cynthia to search her locker? Well Maddie also tells her mom about Wes. So I think its’ safe to say that they are starting to build their relationship, awe!

The episode comes to an end when Rebecca sees a video from the graduation party. She hears all that Maddie says, she runs out of her room crying, and hugs Maddie. Shortly after #Madecca are in the room sharing some laughs, awe again!

Oh yea, and we can probably forget about Craig and Cynthia happening because she told him in a text that she cant do “this” anymore. Guess we have to wait until the next episode to see if she meant it or not, and of course to get our questions answered!

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