Singer Samantha Harvey Releases Debut Single “Forgive Forget”

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It’s been years in the making and finally singer Samantha Harvey is releasing her debut single, “Forgive Forget” today.

If you aren’t familiar with Samantha Harvey yet, let me introduce you to the next big thing coming out of the UK. I found the singer from Hitcham, Suffolk, England, while scrolling through my Facebook feed almost two years ago and was instantly impressed.

As she sat on the floor, she belted out the most beautiful cover songs by Top 20 artist. Well now, is her chance to take the charts by storm with her debut single.

I had the chance to interview the singer last year when she was writing and working with several producers and really good songwriters across the UK and also in Berlin, Germany.

“It feels like every producer and writer I meet has a different flavour or twist and that all goes into my music. As for style, well I will let that be a surprise! Let’s just say, I really enjoyed writing these songs and I hope that people can hear that when they listen.”

When it comes to writing her music, she said the process varies depending on the producer. “Sometimes I go into the studio and the producers have already created a backing track with me in mind. We then sit and talk about ideas of what is going on in my life at that moment… or things that have happened in the past that we could write lyrics & a melody on.”

Continuing, “Other times I can start completely fresh writing about situations I have been in and past relationships, we write certain sentences down that I have said or another writer has said and turn that into a song, that is my favourite way of writing and it is very personal that way.”

Then adding, “When you listen to a song and it makes you want to cry that’s when you know it is personal, but I always make sure that other people can relate to the situation too.”

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A year ago when interviewing her, I asked her what her goals were. She said, “My dream is to hear people singing my lyrics back to me at a big show somewhere. That will be the moment when I say yes, I have reached my destination.”

Check out Samantha singing Forgive Forget on her Instagram!

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